ICD10 code for beheading by guillotine

First it is “voluntary” contact tracing, then it is mandatory vaccines with identity mark, then no one without the mark can work, or buy and sell, travel, or even leave home. Those who refuse to comply are subpoena’d, then fined if they don’t comply, and at first, those may be then forcibly vaccinated and marked, but when non-compliance becomes more widespread despite these measures, they may put some into labor camps, but for those who are not strong or able bodied the guillotines will be put to use.

The police will be abolished so that “social justice” teams can be put in charge. They will patrol. They will reward anyone willing to “snitch” on their neighbors and family members.

People exercising their Constitutional rights are being charged with “crime” while hard criminals are being released from prison and given back their “voting rights”. Street preachers are being beat up. Assassinations are taking place in broad daylight. Churches are being forbidden to meet, while thousands of rioters fill the streets, and police are being defunded, arbitrarily ambushed, and thousands of police are taking sick-out, or retiring or simply quitting to take alternative employment where it can be found.

God’s hand of restraint is loosening His grip on this “the last, best hope” nation and to whom much is given, much shall be required. Some people are still willfully oblivious, just going about their pursuits of money, knowledge, pleasure, entertainment, sports, thrills, conquests of various kinds. But it is coming to every door, regardless. It is coming to your door.

Our problem is not systemic racism, corporate greed,  political corruption or national debt. It is sin. Rejection of God, famine of preaching of the Word.

Oh Lord, revive your people. Give us the strength to stand, and a renewed in-filling of Your Holy Spirit, for many are weary and there is still work to be done before total darkness descends. Give us courage and Holy boldness, and right perspective. You are our fortress and help in the day of trouble, our rock in a shaken and weary land, our shelter in the storm. Show us our individual missions and pluck away every thing that distracts or detours us from Your will and purpose for us in this specific hour. Protect our president, in wrath, remember mercy. Quell the evil forces, deliver those lost and those full of devils that have come in by drugs, alcohol, by much secular music, and outright pursuit of the occult. Help us stay in the fight, and if we have faltered, help us get back up and rejoin the fight.We need You, Lord, and we long for the day of your appearing. We rejoice in the Salvation You have provided, and offer to all who will call upon You in truth, admitting their sinful nature and placing their faith in the finished work of atonement purchased by Christ by His death on Calvary and burial and glorious resurrection. We rejoice and Worship Him who now sits at the right hand of the Father, and pray, Lord Jesus, come, even while You say to this lost human race, come unto me, drink from the fountain of life and never thirst again. Bless your chosen nation Israel, preserve Your city, Jerusalem, and establish Your peace there, where Jesus will soon reign as the conquering Messiah.

2 thoughts on “ICD10 code for beheading by guillotine

  1. We are truly entering the evil day. Amen to your prayer. Lord without You we are nothing. We are not able to stand without You. You are our Armor. May we put You on each and every day. Thank You that You have entrusted us to represent You in these last days before Your return. Father we honor Your Son in Whom we stand before Your throne. Bless your people. May we honor You in life and in death. Amen.

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