Revisiting the snake

I have been ruminating over J.D.’s prophecy update from Sunday. I went to the channel of the You Tuber he recommended and watched several of his videos, which are pretty thorough. I am not sure I agree with everything, but still found it informative.

Considering the 2 solid weeks of strategic  strikes in Iran, that situation is only going to escalate. .Israel is the timepiece we go by to estimate where we are in the timeline.

But in America, the BLM riots (domestic terrorism) are also only growing, rather than any indication of tapering off.

If the abject delusional mind state of so many American governors and mayors is any indication of how ‘no holds barred”  the Marxism agenda has taken hold. I doubt whether Trump gets a second term or not, that the outcome will be different from if it turned out the opposite way.

Many prophecy watchers express a sense that from here on out to the rapture, it is going to be pretty darn rough for everybody, but white Christian or Jewish males who are behind Trump, may have it the worst. Any conservative, any Christian. We knew these days would come, and we will trust in God for whatever transpires.

You may recall my question of whether Trump himself is the snake ( of his “Take me In” poem, he read at early rallies). He read it in the context of need for the wall at our southern border, but keep in mind, we have to look at all of this as a spiritual battle. In the Occult, dark spirits must always reveal their intention, according to former occultists I have watched or read. That is why I can’t seem to shake off this particular ” what-if”. I wish I could find that interview clip again in which Trump stated he was able to be a chameleon and become whomever he needed to be in order to accomplish what he wants to accomplish. At face value, that statement could be  pretty benign, but in context of where we stand today, I can’t dismiss it as such.

Anyway, here is a summary with some of my own conclusions thrown in, of the info from the You Tuber at E511 Ministries channel.

I think it is likely Trump IS the snake. Even if he is sincerely as he presents himself to be, everybody has a limit, and he is only human, and if God is finished with accepting prayer of salvaging America, and turns Trump over to the enemy , it could happen. Personally I see no reason God should further restrain the evil spirits at work. Consider this:

It’s only been the last 15-20 years that this idea of Illuminati/shadow government lost some of its taboo and began being openly discussed and embraced by the mainstream.

With Daddy Bush, talk of intended New World Order became very “open”.Many believe Bush was the sniper who killed Kennedy. I find it interesting that he died while Trump was president. Not implicating Trump here, just the irony is my point. God seems to appreciate irony.

On a different note, did you know the accounts given by “alien abductees” consist not only of tales of humanity being seeded here by a more evolved alien race, but also warnings about a New World Order? The secret knowledge of the mystics and all false religions, all contain element of caution regarding some interfering force that seeks to enslave mankind and prevent them from obtaining full knowledge/enlightenment. “Ye shall be as gods” is literally the oldest trick in the book. The first time a human was tricked.

Most prophecy buffs see the NWO as the antiChrist system or beast system. I have mentioned that Q Anon is very cultish, touting the “great awakening”,  labels everyone as either “dark hat” or “white hat” aka workers of darkness vs workers of light, They would have us believe that there are “good witches” and “bad witches”, but we know all witchcraft is forbidden by God. I pointed out there is a lot of scripture-quoting & much professing Christendom involved in QAnon as well. But if one really examine them, listen to them enough to get an idea of their beliefs, they all are either Catholic, or some form of Christendom that has strayed from fundamental doctrines, some embracing outright pagan and mystic ideologies.  I have been trying to figure out the exact role of QAnon in the times we are in for 2yrs, and those videos from E511 may have dropped the missing last puzzle piece in for me. I am convinced Q was to serve a significant role. I couldn’t figure out if it was a rouse meant to placate the conservative political side trick us somehow. Q Anon has gone worldwide, did you know? And last few weeks viral videos popping up from every nation, OF PEOPLE SWEARING ALLEGIANCE TO THE Q CAUSE and the “where we go one, we go all” mantra.

Ok, so think in terms of the Hegelian Dialectic: What if the NWO is the thesis, Q-Anon/ New Age/Emergent church is the antithesis, and where many expect the NWO to be the Beast system,what if it’ is actually the “strong delusion/ lie which truth-rejecters will embrace?

Thusly it would be the set-up that leads people to embrace the A/C. The youtuber put it like this: A Satanic false flag.

New Age is anti NWO. Even Helena Blavatsky &  Alice Bailey were anti NWO is one side, while all false religion, including false Christians, oppose each other.

In this ” post-Christian, post-truth era, has an illusion of false opposites been created for the Christ-rejecting sector of mankind? How? By  Dumbing down society, and then dumbing down church. “Churchianity” (false converts) embraces mysticism ( and it has), joins the sheeple ranks of false religions & the New AgeHarlot religion ( merging of opposites) and they are all pitted against the cabal/Zionism/Illuminati/ NWO/Beast, well , viola, NWO is “defeated” & AntiChrist gets credit. Sadly, we Bible Literalists are lumped with the Zionists, thus public enemy #1. (Perilous times) until we fly.

Maybe NWO correlates w/First beast, but sets the stage for the A/C which would be the 2nd Beast.?

God likes to present types and shadows. And one man can be used of God to bring good to one party while bringing evil to the other party.


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