Unbearable sadness

A little precious boy was to start kindergarten this week. Now he is dead, by execution at point blank range, in his own font yard. On purpose.

Many topics have flitted through my head that I considered writing a post about today. Then I heard about this. It’s not the first senseless death of a child in recent days and weeks. But a nation that kills millions of unborn babies will naturally become a callous nation devoid of conscience, which then progresses to every sort of atrocity.

How long before there are  “professional” workers who show up like ambulance-chasers, to solicit the purchase of the bodies of dead children so they can  strip them down for parts like an old car or appliance? That’s what happens with aborted babies. There’s no reason to think someone won’t find a way to profit in this too, or think that no lawmakers would make it perfectly legal, no justice system would turn a blind eye. Of course they will.

The same way established laws are being violated with impunity in so many states under pretext of the plandemic, and in appeasement of paid-agitator-induced rage and fury, on one hand, and utter exploitation and distortion of racism by the red-green alliance on the other. You’re not hearing about the role of Islam and it’s partnership with Marxism in the intentional destruction of America? You may want to look into it.

Oh, it makes me so, so weary of this world, and of this age. All I dare ask of God in this is mercy for the sake of the innocent. Maybe no one knows where to place the blame. So many culpable parties, but one thing for certain, no five-year-old bears the minutest fraction of the blame. No pre-born child, no infant.

God is patient. But one day those with  such wanton disregard for life, who inflicted harm onto others, especially children, will receive their due recompense.  In fact, they will receive it pretty soon.

Meanwhile, for people who care and are able, there is a Go-Fund-Me for the family of the little boy, named Cannon Hinnant. His 7 and 8 year old sisters who witnessed the execution are going to need a lot of help and prayers for healing, as well.



4 thoughts on “Unbearable sadness

  1. Unfortunately they are already selling part of aborted babies and this evil is done by. Pthat large organization that indeed of taking care of the mo
    hers to be, convince them to abort parent 9 m dorry I have a black right now sorry plannemed parenthood o from eel terrible I do not remember the name i m sure you know who I’m talking about. Thank you for the post.


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