Feds collaborating with M.I.T. on a “hypothetical” digital currency

Indeed in the same way they collaborated on a ” hypothetical” pandemic!
Are we surprised?  No we are not! But not all of us know the specifics of what the digital currency will bring about. “Economics” is a very complex field that should be simple. Greed and corruption, and the manipulation they bring, have made it extremely convoluted, similar to tax code, both of which were done so intentionally. But as this article points out, stop and consider in the current scenario wherein race and reparations, lawlessness, and “rights” of illegal aliens are top priority, and going to church and running a legitimate business are a crime, and our “experts” have turned into “mad scientists”, imagine just what-all they could do to us by transitioning to digital, and how much faster they could do it!

Reparations? Into the accounts of every “oppressed class” (which would exclude white people, Christians, and conservatives). The biggest and fastest “Social welfare” transfer of the collective wealth of America, away from the middle class in the history of mankind! This is a must-read.



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