A lot of people invested in my faith and spiritual growth and well-being in life

Not that I didn’t realize this, but this morning in my quiet time, I wrote down as many as I could think of off the top of my head, and that is just a start, because there are people we encounter only once or twice, like Fred and Emma Coll, an elderly couple who looked out for me when I was 17 (1982)and traveled to Pennsylvania by bus by myself. They struck up a conversation, and it was immediately clear that they were believers. When they got off, I only had another hour to go. I got their address and we exchanged letters at least once. I wanted them to know I made it there safely.

I met an older gentleman in the pre-op before a spinal surgery who I truly think was an angel. Click to read it!

Family-wise, I can thank my parents for taking my siblings and me to church. My Grandma Thompson has a lot to do with my interest in prophecy, because I would sit and listen to her and my dad talk about that kind of thing.

In my youth, there was Mrs Arnold in Nursery, Mrs Kernus as my primary Sunday school teacher, Evangelist Terry McMillan was the one preaching the revival meeting when I got saved, while it was Mrs. Good  who led me through the gospel from the verses in scripture. Her husband Mr. Good was the earliest preacher I remember. There were various ones through middle school age, and then God put soooo many great Christians around me who had a true heart for teens, and lots of patience and love:

Pastor Brinkley, then John and Becky Batusic, Ernie and Rose Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Farrar, Donna and George Poulson, Kurt and Terry Hoebler, Bonnie and Bill May, and Gail and Brenda aways made sure we had food for special events. There also was Bo and Liz Cales*, Wendy Lazenby, Jane Brinkerhoff, Doug Falls, Billy Mitchell, and also Coach Galeski for soccer.  (*I have always suspected it may have been Bo and Liz who provided the full scholarship for me to attend a Christian school my Jr. Year.)

Mr. Nichols was our milkman, and he was our neighbor all of my growing-up years, at 2 different addresses, no less. I didn’t have a lot of interaction with him but when I did, He always talked about the Lord. He was a real 24/7/365 servant of the Lord. His personal vehicle was a red VW bus with a painting of Jesus, and Bible verses all over it. He drove it for decades, and either got a new one, with the same paint job, or got the painting done over. He handed out tracts on his milk delivery route, and in his off hours he served others by things like sweeping and cleaning the parking lots of low-income apartments, which was a good way to minister and reach the tenants with the gospel. He loved everybody no matter what, and that was back when racism really was an actual systemic and prevalent problem. Once when I was sunbathing, he spoke briefly from his yard, where he was getting into his delivery truck (Greenleaf Dairy, our towns very own), he gently, from a distance, admonished me like a Christian Grandad might do, and quoted a scripture. I didn’t appreciate it then, but it was the Lord’s message, and it convicted me and exposed a bit of a rebellious spirit I was developing toward the Lord that I would have done well to have taken to heart humbly and heeded. I’d had some disappointments about where I thought God had me headed, and then that plan ran into a dead stop. You can read about what I mean, in my blogged autobiography “Purple Morning Glories and Gold Lady Bugs”

Christian friends from church and youth groups were Ami, Laura, Harvia, Kim K, and Pam-from-Kentucky who is Bonnie and Bill’s niece, Shirl and Debbie, Daniel, Harold, Allen (Bubba), Darryl, Charlie, and Trudy. There were numerous others, my best friend Tammy, Holly, Cindy, David, Jim, Natalie, Steve, Susue, Bill, Johnna, Mack…. too many to count! Friends from school and neighborhood were my other besties Delilah and Gena and there was my best cousins Sheila and Pam near my age (as well as best friends gained in adulthood, Shannon and Barbara!)

There was the mission trip to Scotland. We went to various local churches and gave our testimonies, and description of the type of team, (work, evangelism or both) and location we were to join, and received “love offerings”,  as well as asking friends, teachers, relatives, neighbors, etc, to sponsor us for any amount, but we also babysat, raked yards, and did other things to raise funds to cover our plane tickets, and supplies and required items like boots, mess kit, sleeping bags, and other expenses.

The main/ head team leaders were Bobby and Lyn Carswell, and then Randy, Tim, Marilyn and  Nurse Debbie. Fellow team members, many of whom I kept in touch with for years, Wane, Rob, Patty, Cheryl, Kim, Cassie, June Moon, Karen, Sandy H, Harold, Todd, Janet, Djuana V, Patty D, “Flash” (aka the other Rob), Rick, Peter, Colleen, Scot, California Steve, Kip (it was the 80’s) Sheila Tay, Karen, Kerry, and “Squirrel”, Wanda, Christy, Kerry, Patty C., Qiiet Cathy, whose parents offered to let me stay the night at their home in Connecticut, because my flight got delayed (1981 was the summer of “the” Baseball Strike, and the Air Traffic Controller strike) because they saw me sobbing as I got off the pay phone with Mom, but I declined because I was afraid Mom would get mad, and the pay phone line was too long due to flight cancellations for me to call again. I was all out of change anyway. But God saw fit for a couple of the guys to bump into me again (LaGuardia!) and they were my protectors until the morning, to see me safely onto my later flight. God works things out!

Aside from that, I counted about 350  other people, from  school teachers, and Sunday School teachers, to doctors, to pastors, professors, online preachers, one-time encounters, online Christian friends all over the globe, fellow bloggers, nurses who cared for me, and nurses who worked with me, and at least ten churches, all of whom/which contributed to my well-being and faith and growth and the person  I came to be, by their encouragement, teaching, advising, protecting, prayers, care, wisdom, love, compassion, giving, and service.

On top of that, I got to be alive in this prophetic time, was born in America, and the Lord threw in parents who stayed together, opportunity to know all my grandparents, and two of my great-grandparents, and then gave me a sweet, gentle husband who loves me unconditionally and two sweet and kinda rascally ( now young adult) sons, and they got to know their grandparents and one great grand, plus a “spare set” in our beloved friends and neighbors Johnny and Barbara. Johnny, my Dad, my Father-in-law, and others have graduated to heaven and the best of all is saved for last, in that soon we all will be together again with our blessed Savior Jesus Christ, who gave the most precious gift of all time! He left heaven, took the form of human flesh as a baby, experiencing life from our perspective, personally. He lived a perfectly sinless life, doing only the will of God, then was beaten, mocked, and nailed to a cross to pay in full the price (ransom) for the sins of us all,  to redeem us back to fellowship with our Creator. All who will call upon Him by admitting you are a sinner, guilty before God, and believe He died, shed His blood as atonement to pay for something we could never make right ourselves, then rose from the dead, defeating death itself.  Ask Him to apply that grace to your guilt, setting you free from the eternal condemnation that we all deserve. It is not about keeping rules. The law and 10 commandments are not soap to clean you up. They are a mirror to show you your sin before a righteous, holy God, your need for cleansing. Nothing but the blood, just like Passover, can atone. The life is in the blood. Eternal, redeemed life is only in the blood of Jesus.

The hour is very, very late. The peace treaty between the UAE and Israel is the first step that will be followed by Saudi Arabia and other Arab, Mid East, and North African nations, which will later be made stronger by the coming antichrist. There is no cosmic enlightening, dawning of the age of Aquarius, next phase of “evolution”  coming. Q is not going to save America, and the Corona represents the crown that Satan believes is rightly his. The masks, have occult symbolism, as does the ritual hand-washing, and isolation. We are being forced to participate even now in an occult ritual, and you can see how this is effecting those who have no regard for God. They are literally acting like morons, because God has given them over to the madness that comes from complete rejection of God. The Holy Spirit presence in blood-bought believers is all that stands as a barrier between the full wrath of Satan, and humanity. People have fallen for tragic lies and deception is only just getting warmed up! God is separating His own from those who will soon be completely at the mercy of an angry, furious devil who has no mercy! God has been patient generation after generation. People foolishly think He is aloof, or mean, angry and harsh. But only mercy and grace have been extended in light of all the evil people have done, and “gotten away with”. Don’t you worry, God is keeping track. You best be considering what you yourself are guilty of. A millisecond will flip the switch from ” there’s still time” to “time’s up” That’s less than the time it took for George Floyd to die. Even less than it took for a bullet to shatter a little 5 year old’s brain. You wonder ” what kind of animal” could do those sort of things? The animal of the demonic sort. Those “aliens some think are coming to help humanity” are demons in E.T. costumes. Laugh now, but you will remember reading this when the truth stares you in the face. I will not have your blood on my hands. You will have no smirk, no bravado, no arrogance when you stand at the Great White Throne of judgment. You. Have. Been. Warned!



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