It is what it is!

I am such an idjit!
I have been working on an article that has required a bit of research. Like the ones I used to write. “From scratch”. A couple of hours ago, I pulled up a blank post (template) in the WordPress editor.  WordPress keeps ” improving” it, don’t you know!

I don’t like the new one. I didn’t like the last new one. I am 56 years old. I have lived long enough to know “new” doesn’t necessarily mean improved. in fact, these days, new mostly means not-as-good. I liked the classic editor they had before they started calling a newer one the classic, and replaced it with one yet even newer.

So I was trying to pull up the old editing template, to transfer the article over from the Word document, and I noticed a notification (red dot)  beside the word “feedback” in the old editor’s admin menu. Hmm, says I. Never saw a red dot there before! I never even knew what that feedback tab was about. Some blogs have multiple authors, and I thought it was probably a way for someone to approve an article before it was published, or where the writers could proofread for one another or critique, etc.

So, I click on ” feedback” and guess. What. I . Found!?!?!

One hundred and twenty-six messages generated via the “Contact S.T.Lloyd” form! Dated as far back as 2012! Messages that I have never seen!!!

What tha flyingbluemonkies?

I used to get all of those in my personal email.

Some time back, WP started offering dedicated email accounts for the blogs. I was fine with how I was already getting them, so I didn’t see the point in creating another email account to keep up with. I didn’t get the memo on the part about how the option of getting them in my personal mailbox was going to cease to be!!

I had noticed a dropoff of hearing from people. But I know how inconsistent I can be, and figured some readers got tired of that, or just lost interest. I know people who want to develop a loyal “following”, have to invest and engage with readers. I noticed I was not hearing from people as much, but I never got wrapped up in the blog stats. I feel like it’s God’s business what the outcome is. My job is to put in the effort. The harvest is His.

What does bother me though, is that people reached out to me and I didn’t know, so they never got a response! I feel terrible about that.

So if you contacted me and never heard back,  that’s why. And I am really, sooo sorry!!!! Because so many of you wrote to share things with me, and I don’t take it lightly when someone puts themselves out there, opens up and shares something personal. I consider that a great honor and a precious gift.

So if you get a random e-mail response to something you wrote to me years ago, that’s why! And for those who aren’t around anymore, I guess I will offer my apology to those folks when we get up yonder.


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