Whatever shall become of us?

Hopefully we all know how potentially volatile this election is going to be.
If you haven’t already done so, this is the time to get extra water, canned food, manual can opener, medication, etc. Prepare like you would for a major natural disaster: say a month without electricity and water. You need Bottled water, and/or a water filter like those used for camping. Batteries, propane in your grill, a generator if you can afford one, (they make smaller ones that are powerful enough to run a fridge) solar battery charger. If you can’t do that, do as much as you can. God knows your needs.
Some of you are fairly insulated, such as very rural or very conservative states. But rioters did target a retirement community in Fla recently. Here in VA we are purple-leaning-red. The turnout during the gun lobby day in April seems to have conveyed a message that has our blue-majority legislature and Governor juuuust concerned enough to stay a little cautious in his estimation of how much pushing he can get by with. Where we live, I think it is fairly unlikely that the roving bands of destructionators would target our little town, for our general obscurity and lack of wealth.
BLM is, by their own words, an occult group who call upon spirits of the dead for supernatural power, and whose aim is the destruction of the family unit in America. For most part, Antifa consists of affluent white college kids or recent college grads who have been lied to about America, but in both groups there are people being paid to agitate the masses, and create the mayhem they are subjecting us to.
Considering the coming election from a Biblical perspective, we know neither America (Israel’s strongest ally) nor any other nation, will come to the aid of Israel when the Ezek 38-39 war occurs. That requires that America be unable or unwilling to help Israel at that time. This election and the inevitable turmoil it will generate, could easily serve to put America in such a position. I mean, when there is a dispute as to who is the Commander-in-Chief, who would authorize it, and besides, our military may have to be the means of restoring order here, if it is going to happen.
It’s important to understand that the alliance of nations that band together to attack Israel for their oil and other resources are all in league together for the first time in history right now. Russia, the “stan” nations North of Israel; Pakistan, Afghanistan, Khazakstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgystan are Rosh. Those “stan nations” were once part of the (former) Soviet Union. The geographic locations of the Ezekiel 38-39 alliance can be determined Scripturally and verified linguistically as to what people groups and descendants settled where. Cush is Sudan, Put is Lybia (also includes N. Africa). Meschec, Tubal, Gomer, Beth Togarma are “Turkey and his bands” . Persia is Iran, Ethiopia is all the lands South of Egypt, and Sheba and Dedan are Arab nations such as United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, maybe a few others. Until a couple of years ago, modern Turkey and Russia have been enemies. Now they are negotiating deals and working together in the region.
Ezekiel tells us the invasion will be coming from the far North (north in Scripture always means north of Israel). Sheba and Dedan merely question the attack, but do not get involved.
In the news lately, you may have heard about the “Abraham Accords” The Pope, and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi met in 2016 to plan and and create a place where the 3 “Abrahamic faiths” can worship together, dubbing it the Abrahamic Family House”. The Pope also met with the brother of the Crown Prince, who is the top Summi Imam of Saudi Arabia, and the Committee of Human Fraternity and the Document on Human Fraternity were born. This is basically Chrislam plus Judaism, which is none other than the base of the prophesied one world religion, in my opinion. Much more info on all that in a recent post I did last week called “The Harlot Religion is Already Here”.
The threats by Antifa, and BLM, for more violence, and treats of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and “the Squad” of young freshmen in the House of Reps are not a bluff. They want Socialism because they have been lied to about what it really is!
On the “Patriot” side, (those who see what America is on the brink of losing) is a large majority of average citizens like us and our families, many whom are willing to die to preserve what is left of the America we have known and would prefer not to lose.
There have been many people fasting and praying for America since the election 12 years back, and even further, and a lot more of people in other countries recognize what is at stake in this moment than many Americans do! They are praying too!
On the one hand, God is merciful and capable of being moved by our prayers, but on the other hand, Prophecy will be fulfilled.
Point is, the chess pieces for Ezek 38-39 are now properly arranged and ready for the war in which the alliance from the North come to take plunder from Israel. All but one of the qualifications for this war have been met. Israel is in the land, as a nation, prosperous, rich with oil and gas. The only condition missing is peace, and I refer you back to the Abrahamic Covenant regarding that. It is not THE Antichrist peace deal, but I am confident it definitely is the foundation for it.
What that has to do with the election is this: The promised mayhem that will very likely (99.9%) accompany this election would probably suffice to prevent America being able to come to Israel’s aid if she were attacked during this (planned) election crisis.
The timing and order of prohesied battles are widely debated, but God knows, and I’m just putting it out there as a possibility.
Ideally, we hope Trump (and crew) has a plan to quell what the “oppositon” intends, and with minimal damage. A lot of that may depend on how many Obama operatives are still in place in the military. But at the very least, I think we should reasonably expect that there will be skirmishes, and some deaths. Also be prepared for more disruption of the supply chain, deliveries of stock, slowdown of mail, slow or zero customer service in the stores that remain open, and for Amazon orders, or any client service venue for that matter.
I say this with such certainty because conservatives in America tend to be “we won’t start it, but we sure as hell will finish it” types. The soft walking, big stick carrying, otherwise live-and-let-live kind, but also the “mess with me and mine and find out just how fierce we can be” sort. In other words, a huge number on the conservative side are about a hair’s breadth away from that “last straw”. They are “about done” tolerating this nonsense. This is what the progressives, globalists, and dare I say, the Devil, want!!
The difference btween radical “them” and conservative “us” ( or vice versa, depending what side of the aisle you claim) is, most of BLM and Antifa are doing what they are doing because someone (Soros, Bloomberg?,) are paying them cash to wreak havoc, and most will run from the slightest resistance, and run much faster if faced with a few armed 250lb really ticked bikers, vets, cops, and probably a few preachers and a lot of angry, armed and practiced women. (Go to any gun range this week and see for yourself!) The $ is not worth the pain, for the hoodie-wearing marauders, while the patriotic freedom-loving folks are fully prepared to give their lives if that’s what it takes.
There is more to it than that, though.
There is the spiritual aspect. Just a few minutes of nightly news clips of the riots should be all a Christian needs to see, for us to recognize that these mobs are in-dwelt by “Legion”. Antifa arose from “Anonymous”. You know, the Guy Fawkes masks, the strange, cryptic videos, Occupy Wall Street. Anonymous outright stated in each video “we are legion”.
Halloween is awfully close to election day. Occult and witchcraft are more prevalent than ever in America and “All Hallows Eve” is an important date.
We are of a different category from the
“us /them” above. We absolutely must keep the spiritual aspect front and center.
Another consideration: the “Trump groupies” (Q digital army and other “all in supporters”) are as fanatical as the BLM, and Antifa, and they make up a pretty big swath on the ” right”. The swooning masses at his rallies and their free and unabashed professions of love and admiration for Trump are just a tad too reminiscent of the peoples unquestioning ardor for a certain mustachioed Furor of history. (I have enough words in here that may trigger the A.I. Censor bots already!)
This election is a set-up, no question, but the bigger question is whether Trump is really a patriot, or is he a Trojan Horse? Is he placating the right, while Team Biden placates the left? No doubt that Is happening, whether Trump is in on it or not! But even if Trump is sincere and what you see is really what you get, I believe that false paradigm of irreconcilable differences between left and right has come to appear and feel very real at this juncture, so the situation is very volatile
But God!
Scripture seems to indicate a world that is functioning “business as usual” when the Church is caught up, and when “sudden destruction” siimultaneously comes down.
To my thinking, that leaves some room for a Trump win, from a scripture-lens perspective. From a strictly worldly perspective, Trump wins, but the left ” burns it all down” as promised. Regardless, do not expect to know the legit winner, the night of election, nor morning after, if ever at all.
Whomever has been pre-selected to replace Biden, (were Biden to, lets say, suddenly croak, necessitating the left choosing at last- minute replacement before Nov 3) or if he were to make it into the oval office and be removed by the newly popular 25th amendment, whatever Progressive is the “chosen one”, they will finish the fundamental transformation of America in short order, put everyone in lockdown, and roll back everything Trump did, But If Trump stays the expectation of his supporters is that the economy will have a robust post-Covid, post scandal, post election rebound. I said his supporters, not those of us who voted for him as a lesser of two evils candidate. And that could actually happen, for a little while. But the only thing holding back the financial collapse is God Himself!
A third possibility, the Dems could prevail, and the old guard and the young blood have a showdown, which if old guard Leftists prevail, maybe a slightly slower tortuous decline. If progressives win, then they will probably anoint AOC as their queen. Silver lining in that case, AOC will banish Nancy Pelosi and give everybody a million pretend dollars and their very own unicorn, but also the U.N. would take charge of America.
There really is no predicting. But if you are fearful, stop it! Neither the election nor the aftermath can separate us from the love of God.
When things get this serious and this precarious Christians should know any fear that comes over you is not from the Lord, but rather from the enemy. ( 2 Tim 1:7). So don’t embrace it! Trouble is gonna come, but that doesn’t mean you fling open the door and invite it in! You should also know God’s got this, so submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you”. (James 4:7) Remember God inhabits the praises of His people. (Psalm 22:3)
We don’t know which way it will go, but we gotta keep in mind that this isn’t really about politics, or even about America. What it is really about is a 6000 year old ridiculous farcical notion on the part of Lucifer, that he and a third of the angels will prevail in his bid to overthrow our God. It’s really pretty laughable when viewed from that perspective.
America is not the indicator of where on the end time continuum we are, but something must prevent America coming to the aid of Israel.
It could be the rapture, but if we aren’t quite there yet, perhaps it could be this election! Prepare for the worst case outcome of the election fallout, but pray for calm and order. Could anything multiply the crippling of America more than the election or the rapture?
Yep! Rapture on election day!!
I wouldn’t put it past the Lord’s sense of humor!

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