The power of kindness

I didn’t watch Biden’s nor Trump’s town halls the night of. I watched them yesterday morning. If we had to choose one statement or assertion that was most persuasive, effective, and impactful, it was definitely nothing either moderator spoke. Guthrie came off like a caterwauling shrew. Holt was at least decorous. Biden came across fairly rational early on, but the last segment his clarity of mind and speech had very notably diminished. The choreography was clearly well- planned, well-practiced, and cleanly executed, which is always the case when the better dancer takes the lead, it creates the illusion that the dancer who follows, is better than they really are!

Trump was much more measured and self-controlled than in the debate, despite the tirade coming at him.

But the star of the night,in my book, was this lady:

“Beautiful Smile”

Yeah it was sappy, cheesy, and awkward, but did anybody notice the impact it had on the whole assembly of participants? In fact it changed the very atmosphere and energy in the room!

He smiled, was genuinely speechless for two heartbeats (an eternity in Trump time), then he smiled and thanked her….and everybody burst into applause.  Even Savannah Guthrie smiled and acknowledged the moment.

Think about what we know about President Trump, from the 3.5 years we have had him as our POTUS. I’ll throw out some descriptors of my own. He seems humble one on one, and with his supporters, though in a crowd that hates him, he responds usually with matter-of-fact reminders of his accomplishments.When he wants to annoy his haters, he pours on the bragging, because he knows it frustrates and infuriates them. That’s pretty shrewd!

He does put his foot in his mouth from time to time, but he can laugh at himself.

Do you know what that precious June Cleaver-fashion-wearing lady did? Whether intentionally and knowingly, or by just being her own real self? She humanized him in the eyes of his detractors. She also provided such a stark contrast to Savannah’s harping resentment as to literally either make her ashamed for a nanosecond, or more likely, it registered with her that he is not the ogre she has been programmed to believe he is. Her own humanity may even have peeked through in that moment too.

And all the pretend Biden supporters on the platform came out of the closet right then and there on national tv and joined the applause as well!

What the panelist did for Trump personally, was to dial down the overall heat of the moment by reminding him he has (many) people who support him, and that’s why he was standing there the brunt of all that disrespect and abuse, taking it on the chin! It gave him some grace, which enabled him to remain gracious! It really broke the ice. (Humanity is becoming cold, the ice needs to be broken!).

I seriously doubt that the greatest and best of psychologists, campaign managers, life coaches, directors, or handlers could have come up with a way to achieve on  purpose, what she achieved just by being a nervous, somewhat awkward but REAL human being!

Kinda gives new meaning to “God uses the foolish things to confound the wise”, doesn’t it?  God knows human nature pretty well, huh?



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