God has pretty good Aim

Joe Biden said we are headed into a dark winter. He said it twice. So I looked it up, and sure enough, there was a simulation exercise by that name back in 2001, on April fools day, no less! It was about a bio-terror attack that results in a pandemic, where hospitals get overwhelmed due to lack of any protocol for such an event, and of course riots, and strained relations between Fed and State governments. The logical question upon discovering this exercise, is of course, “how does it end?”

It doesn’t. The 2 day exercise consisted of 3 phases. Afterwards, they predicted an outcome practically identical to what came to pass with Corona, but no speculation beyond that.

By the way, China has created a yellow cloud of something and it is now over N. Korea. Government officials there have advised citizens to remain indoors with windows and doors closed.

Getting back to Dark Winter, the high level officials who participated in the simulation, presented their findings to then V.P. Dick Cheney 7 months later, (9 days after 9/11.)

I think I also read someplace that originally this medical crisis was planned to happen under W Bush or during Obama’s time in office.

I wonder what they call the exercise wherein they assassinate our current head of state. (I don’t even want to put that term and his title or name into a sentence.) It would be convenient to know the plan. Predictive programming in movies and music videos definitely would indicate that it will happen, and there are numerous clips from after the third debate, of anchors and commentators in the throes of Trump Derangement Syndrome. There are videos on TicToc and Youtube of citizen Never Trumpers haviing meltdowns that would make a tired, hungry toddler look as poised as Queen Elizabeth!

We know how it ends anyway, ultimately. If I had to predict I’d say Trump will win both the Electoral College vote and likely even the popular one. The left will have a country-wide spree of destruction and do everything they can to take the oval office, but Trump could still ultimately prevail if we pray, and if God sees fit.

I am not sure which outcome I ought to hope for. Don’t most of us currently live with an overhanging dread that has been there so long that we are of a mind to get it over with? Maybe that’s just me.

The indicator of end time “time”, though, is completely on what Israel has going on, and right now the Arab nations are forming a queue to add their name to the Abraham Accords. Within a month if they all do sign on, I would submit that the “Covenant with Many” has been created, therefore, at some date beyond that, the Antichrist will arise, confirm the Abraham Accords, thus kicking the world into the Tribulation.

Inside of time, where we all still abide, the election outcome hasn’t been written yet. Outside of time, God already knows. America has a very high stakes decision to make. Most Americans expect that once we survive 2020, and vaccinate everyone, life will go back to some kind of normal. But in truth, the Bible indicates things will only get worse. A Trump win means 4 more years of relentless opposition and impediment, protests and lawlessness. That equates to a lingering slow death of America. If, however, the left manage to get the White House all bets are off, and no holds barred! At least that is the general consensus on the right, both secular and Christian.

Some are worried about the Muslim vote. Radicals are more likely to vote Democrat. But I imagine, unless threatened by radical relatives and Imams, there are some Muslims who prefer to vote for Trump. If they do so, it will be in secret. The ones who came here for that “better life” (rather than conquest) understand in a way simular to other refugees, the road which a Biden presidency will take us down will lead to poverty and subjugation. It’s what they fled from when they came here.

Whatever course this last portion of the Gentile age takes, it will not last long. For Born again believers, we may suffer, but God will be very near helping us endure it. Or, He could intend to continue to thwart every single plan the left comes up with, while He exposes the depth of corruption and evil before He pours out His wrath.

We are all weary and apprehensive to some degree, but kind of in the way we are before a surgery we dread, but which we anticipate will make a great positive difference for us. We dread having our skin sliced open and manipulation of whatever bone, joint, or organ the surgery targets. We dread the inevitable pain, and we dread the fact our normal life, what we are used to, is going to be greatly curtailed for a while.

But like a successful surgery, it will be worth it all and soon forgotten as we emerge from it into a “new lease on life”.

For us, it will be worth it all when we meet Jesus face to face.

It’s good, at this juncture, to dwell on that better future, and skip mentally past the hard stuff that we may or may not experience. God can throw hail and brimstone from all the way up in the third heaven, missing every single person He wants to spare, and hit only the ones He wants to hit.

God is perfect. It should be no surprise that He has perfect aim.

At some point, there will be a final wake up call for the world.

Among the relatively few clear-eyed commentators and journalists who distribute their programs via alternative media, as well as the Biblically and Prophetically literate preachers and teachers, the consensus is an expectation of a Trump landslide win, accompanied by the unfettered demonic rage and destruction the extreme left has promised. The fact that conservatives who claim no religion, see the truth, while the SJW’s and Socialists are clearly under delusion, has sometimes puzzled me. But then I remembered that lovers of truth aren’t subject to the “strong delusion”. Legitimate truth seekers don’t reject God, they just haven’t believed yet.

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me” (John 14:6). That means all truth originates with and is ultimately embodied in Him.
“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12).

The Bible promises those who seek truth will find it, (in that He is Truth and those who seek truth can only find it in Him. Without knowing Him, we are blind. II Corinthians 4:3-4).

His Word also is truth.( John 17: 17) and the Holy Spirit of God stands by always ready to guide people into all truth.(see Romans 16). If you seek it, the Holy Spirit will see that you find it. Maybe that is happening for somebody right now, reading this. All who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10: 13.

Belief isn’t a feeling. It is a choice. Feelings follow choice, not the other way around.

Play nice!

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