Black, Latino and Hispanic, Amish and Mennonite, Jewish, even folks in Beverly Hills!

It seems Trump supporters are truly a cross-section if America! (Uniter-in-chief?)

“The Democrats just think they are entitled to the Latino vote”

25-30% of Hispanics favor Trump according to most of the polls I saw. That is up 10% from his 2016 numbers.

Trump Train rolls through Beverly Hills

WATCH: ‘Jews for Trump’ Caravan Rolls Thru New York City; Punches, Rocks Thrown

Amish and Mennonite for Trump

If the Democrats manage to overcome all of that Trump enthusiasm, by any means whatsoever, and Biden/Harris are installed, I will look at that as God’s choice, for His reasons.

The sad thing is, Protestant Churches, as well as the Southern Baptists have become thoroughly infiltrated by Social Justice dogma, many have departed from truth. A large number within Christendom will vote for the abortion-loving Biden-Harris ticket!

I still believe that regardless however much longer the Lord tarries, we will all be better off in the interim, under Trump. I am going to pray accordingly, and have already voted. I have read somewhere this morning, that so far in the vote counting, the numbers are not matching up with the “polls” touted all over mainstream media. The Lord has been good to America: gracious, merciful, patient. He gives, and takes away, He sets up rulers and takes them down according to His wisdom, omniscience, and purposes. If I did not know His character, I would not feel right even asking for a Trump win, because America has become so evil. But He delights in our petitions and prayers, and delights in giving. I am praying that the exposure of corruption will continue. I will not be surprised, because I have asked for that. Even though they will face Him some day, I think God might be amenable to continuing to thwart their every effort to do away with Trump. Either way it goes, He is in charge. We are very near the end of this age. But we still don’t know just how much longer we have here. I hope Christians expectant of the Harpazo, will still vote. The misconception that casting a vote is getting one’s hands dirty with worldly affairs, is still a pretty common one. God gave us America. The least we can do is be a good steward of that gift, and participate in the process of choosing who we allow to have the reins. If the Amish and Mennonite communities (majority of whom rarely vote) see the crucial nature of this election, surely it is not beneath you. You may find God less impressed with your abstinence and separation from such secular affairs than you are expecting!  God invented and ordained Government! If you don’t vote against the pro abortionists, God may consider their blood to be on your hands just as it is on theirs.

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