I have a feeling 

It looks like we are at the transition point of the “birth pangs”. Transition is the most intense phase of labor and delivery in the birth process. The contractions reach peak force and stay there, last up to 90 seconds and occur only around  2 minutes apart. It is the hardest part of labor, but it is also the shortest, and between contractions the mother generally feels pretty normal.

This video is from yesterday. Dutch is a good one to subscribe to and keep up with the earthquakes as a sign of the approaching change of ages.

Here below is what Dutchsince sees happening that he us reporting on. Imagine what it may mean for fires.

A good majority of ALL the earthquake locations across the USA are directly at (or directly next to) power generation stations of all kinds, as well as high voltage (high tension) power lines.

I show all locations across the USA listed on the USGS over the past 3 days to prove this.

It is indisputable that the quakes are mainly (I’d say over 80% but under 100% of total quakes) occurring next to these power generating / power transfer locations.

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