Against the odds

Have you noticed in scripture, the way God prefers to give His people unquestionable victories that defy all odds?

Eijah and the prophets of Ba’al. Joshua’s army vs the walls of Jericho. No sledgehammers or battering rams, just faith and obedience. King Hezekiah and the dreaded Assyrians! Hezekiah’s men didn’t have to lift a finger to defeat them. God sent a rotavirus or something. They were squirting from both ends, weak and incapacitated. God chose to use one of the tiniest little creatures He ever made: a lowly virus. (Hmm. Sounds somewhat familiar). Gideon’s 300 men with pots and trumpets and lanterns. The common denominators in all of those victories were faith and obedience.

By contrast, there were battles God’s people lost. Saul against the Amalekites in I Sam 15 didn’t go so well, because he stopped short of killing their king. In 1 Sam 4, the Philistines seemed to be winning, having killed 4000 Israelites, somebody got the bright idea to fetch the Ark of the Covenant from Shiloh, believing it would protect them and enable them to prevail. Instead of seeking God, they thought a token merely representing God’s presence and power. God saw fit to allow the Philistines to capture the Ark. The Israelites lost 34,000 men that day.

Sometimes God allows us to go through some suffering, and what may feel like defeat, before the victory. Job, Joseph, Moses, the Apostle Peter.

Christians all over this planet are pleading with God for a specific outcome in this election. Those Americans who despise America, or have been told lies to the extent they think they hate America, have made it abundantly clear that no matter what the voters want, no matter what the Electoral College outcome is, they will take the presidency. Meanwhile, they hope people will forget to vote on congressional candidates.

But Christians have weapons, and a whole suit of armor.

Be obedient, not fearful. Keep your faith resting upon God Himself, not the institutions, mechanisms, nor elected officials of government, which merely represent His own authority, and is theirs only in that God delegated it to them. God knows all about the corruption. It isn’t easy to helplessly watch the slow-motion train wreck playing out before our eyes. But we have to remember to put down vain imaginations. All the emotion, all of the feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, trepidation, and dread, stem from ” vain imaginations.” We imagine the elected and appointed people in our government are are just going to keep getting away with everything. They’re not. God is keeping meticulous records. Faith is not a feeling. It is a decision. For believers, all the odds are in our favor. Because of the blood of Jesus, we have God’s favor. Seek Him first and foremost. When I do that, our dollars go further, we have enough time to get everything done, we remember to pick up the prescriptions, we may even get some unexpected blessing. I’m not earning those things. It seems to just be a spiritual principle. Obedience means safety. We are members of God’s family. He is utterly, completely, unwaveringly in charge. Choose to trust Him, be diligent in the things He already taught you, and He will teach you more! One person + God = a majority, as the saying goes, but God doesn’t need my vote, and I am perfectly satisfied to let Him decide how things turn out. Because He will. You realize that, right? He will ultimately decide. It’s not up to me, or you, or the criminals sitting in seats of power in DC, London, Ottawa, Tokyo, Moscow, Paris. Or any other country. It is certainly not up to Facebook, Twitter and Google. God is the one who will decide. But God’s people, on our knees, can influence that. We will do for our kids, things we wouldn’t do for anyone else. Created in His image, right?

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