Prayer for this time

God You are on Your throne and Christ is at Your right hand. The Holy Spirit is here with Your people. You are watching your people in this moment, not to learn the outcome of the American election, but to reveal to ourselves what is in our hearts as we wait and contemplate how this might all turn out.

Many are anxious, Lord. America is not an insignificant nation. America has been blessed beyond measure. You told us in Your Word that to whom much is given, much will be required. What will You require of America?

The judgment of nations is not here yet, so whatever in Your sovereignty You allow, for a people who have largely rejected You, will be no more or less than is deserved. If persecution becomes the new normal for the American church, prepare us. The Comfertor You promised will be in us, bearing what we cannot.

It might be, that things will not greatly change in the coming days, that You may have been persuaded by the sincere repentance and petitions of the few, to pause the clock on America’s incapacitation, or to curb the severity of consequences this nation has earned as she has incrementally distanced herself from You.

Your people, all over the world, are praying, and weary. We long for perfect redemption. But many many more people, all across this world are lost. You will reach those whom You know will believe, and we can participate in that work, or not. Either way time is running out. Help us to truly understand the implications of that.

For the kingdom of heaven is as a man traveling to a far country, who called his servants, and delivered unto them his goods. And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another, one, to every man according to his own ability.

You created us for good works ordained before the foundation of the world.

To one, you gave charisma, and discernment, a sharp understanding of Your Word, and ability to speak to just about anyone, and to him You also gave many opportunities to tell the gospel to others, by virtue of the numbers of people he interacts with.

To another you gave some courage, a grasp of the fundamentals of Your Word, a fair intellect, a generous tender heart, and great influence over his family and small circle of friends. You gave him an introverted nature, and an income that easily covers the needs of his family and himself.

The first servant boldly shares his faith no matter where he is or whom is around him. He eventually follows a call God placed upon him to preach the gospel on the streets of Seattle. Hundreds pass him every day, and hear him. He has planted seeds that others will water, and sees many come to salvation over his years.

The second servant has less influence, and less opportunity, but he has taught his children they are created in the image of God, led his wife and kids in studying the scriptures. His kids know their God and exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. He worked two jobs many years so his wife could homeschool them, and gave cheerfully to the Lord whenever a need arose, by helping a neighbor, giving to missions, glorifying Christ in all. He has no idea that a handful of his acquaintances take note of his humble, quiet life, his witness with actions, and having been blessed or helped by him in some way, have in turn resolved to emulate him in their own families, business dealings, and care for their neighbor, but most importantly of all, his example created in them a curiosity and desire to know the One he worshipped.

To the 3rd servant is given a difficult upbringing by a single mom, who set an example of faith and love despite the harshness of their circumstances. Having no father, he is awkward, lacks skills and confidence and understanding of what manhood is, but has a sharp mind and keen ability to learn, understand, and memorize. He studied memory verses out of respect and obedience to his Mom growing up, knows a lot of Bible, but struggles with believing it. As an adult he has a best friend who had a much harder upbringing, and who is prone to feelings of hopelessness, futility, and no sense of purpose in life. The Lord lays a conviction on him to tell his despondent friend the gospel, but knowing he hasn’t lived up to what scripture he understands, he is easily convinced by the enemy that he himself is too much a hypocrite to be telling anybody how to become a Christian. So he never breeches the topic. He still attends church weekly, out of tradition, but never puts any of his money toward the church or missions.

After a long time, the lord of these servants comes to reckon with each as to their stewardship. The first two hear “well done” because they were grateful to the lord, recognized their blessings, and sincerely desired to invest in others, and both of them shared the gospel and brought others into the kingdom with them.

The last servant, though, viewed God as an unfair, stingy taskmaster who had cheated him in his life. As an adult, he had it pretty well. His Mom’s years of diligence left him with a home he owned outright after she died, and he had a secure, well-paying job. Instead of thankfulness for what he did have, his mindset remained such that all he saw was how much more someone else had. He wouldn’t help anyone, no matter how dire their need. He was a member of his church, gave lip service to faith, but in his heart felt perfectly justified in not letting go if his simmering lifelong resentments. So much so, that when his best friend outright stated he wished “all that stuff about Jesus was true”, he didn’t even open his mouth at that opportunity and tell his friend that it is true that Jesus is real, and how to be saved. His friend eventually jumped off a nearby bridge over a part of the river well known to have a deadly undertow, and entered eternity lost.

This servant did not hear “well done”. He judged God, and refused to acknowledge God’s authority. He wasted the one opportunity God gave him. Beyond that, he at least could have invested in the kingdom by giving money to support his church, or a missionary, that the gospel could go out by others and more people could be brought into God’s kingdom. But he didn’t.

As he got older he began to consider making plans to will his home and land to the church at the time of his death, but still wavered in reluctance to let go of what was “rightfully his”. He was killed suddenly in a head on collision before he got his will arranged, thus he had no reward, no words of commendation from the Lord. He also had no joy during his earthly life.

Lord give us an eternal perspective in the coming days. Show us what is important. Give us courage in what may be final opportunities to increase that which you have entrusted to us.

Open our eyes to see the lost around us and truly grasp the horrors they will face whenever the global government and the Antichrist do arise, and let it spur us to see them as we would a drowning person, that we would instinctively know they need rescue and we may be their only help and today the last opportunity before it is too late.

Play nice!

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