Just because the complicit mainstream media “called it for Biden” does not make it so. That is not how this works. Kamala is NOT the next VP. The news DOES NOT GET TO DECIDE WHO WON. We the people do. With our legal votes. We will not roll over and let anyone steal this election. The counting is not finished, and the recounts haven’t even begun. The checks and balances still work in this country. Come on, people! Fraudulent ballots that appear in the middle of the night?  The counting stops as soon as it is clear Trump was ahead?

Look at Project Veritas. PROOF! On camera! Whistleblower testimony from postal workers. Found ballots. “lost” ballots Altered ballots. Secrecy.

God is exposing all the dirty little secrets of you corrupt politicians because He will begin dealing with all evil soon and you will have no excuse.

Do you really think you got to where you are by your own effort and powers of persuasion? God is bigger than the mainstream media, Facebook, Twitter, Google, George Soros, the Democrat party, the Republican party, congress, the judicial system, Wall street, Hollywood, Big pharma, silicon valley, the Federal Reserve, the banking cartels, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, FBI, CIA, and the IRS combined!

And to those Republican cowards in Congress who  are not backing Donald Trump in this? We the people will NOT forget! Donald Trump and his entire family have selflessly LIVED this job 24/7 since the escalator ride. President Trump puts every one of you elected officials to shame, and makes your worthlessness blatantly, undeniably obvious by comparison. You arrogant leeches, enriching yourselves on the backs of not only the hard working salt-of-the-Earth citizens of America, but those of any nation with whom you have your lucrative  little “arrangements”. You have made absolute fools of yourselves before every nation in the world. My how the “mighty” have fallen.

You have forgotten your purpose. You actually think you are above the citizens of America?

God is laughing at you all, in your ridiculous delusions of power. Do you even see yourselves? Do you even hear yourselves?

You have no idea what is headed your way! You are going to scream and cry and wail! You too you feminist witches out there casting spells to “bind Trump”, and you governors and mayors who are trying to extinguish the churches. God sees.

You think you can thwart the authority and will of the Almighty Creator with power on loan from Satan? Your god Lucifer is using you and you don’t even know it!

You’re out of your minds, every last one of you.

Your money, your fame, your intelligence and ingenuity, your cunning, your innovations and incantations are nothing.

You think you’ve put one over on us? You don’t know what you have done to yourselves. But you will soon! Sadly, tragically you will know it soon. Judgment is coming to you. There is only one salvation, and you decided long ago that you don’t want any part in it.

And Mr. Trump, with all due respect, sir a little humility on your part wouldn’t hurt. We appreciate you and your family, but you’re not playing tiddlywinks here! Heads of State don’t just need to think of those you are leading. You need to think about who is above you! Not just sometimes, but in every move, every decision. You will answer for more than most, and someone else’s evil doesn’t make you better by default.

Make America GOOD again. Great is easy. Good can be found only in God and you of all people should understand the principle of deference to someone above you in the chain of command. You want to drain the swamp? You’re gonna have to get down on your knees to  pull the plug! We’ve been down on our knees for you. I think if you joined us in that, God might be inclined to consider our plea.

Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.









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