Who will be in charge in America?

I am sure many of you have an ache in your heart this morning, after looking at videos of Antifa attacking elderly, children, and families as they left that awesome peaceful rally in DC. Attendance is believed to have exceeded a million. Probably some good heartlanders who couldn’t even conceive of something so evil happening, and thus fell prey, remaining through sunset. Little ones slow down the exit. I can only imagine how a Dad would feel having his family ganged up on. Other patriots were fast to run towards that sort of thing to defend and protect victims. And police seemed eager to protect the patriots as well. They know who came to cause violence and who came in love and support of their president.

That ride through the masses that Trump took will have only renewed his determination.I still have faith that God will expose the cheating, but even if He doesn’t now, He will address it properly in His timing.

I hope that like the Christians who gave up their vote by not participating, people haven’t also given up their appeal to God in prayer. The demonic presence as the sun set, and their rising glee at so many vulnerable targets, is palpable even on video. A spirit of joy prevailed during the day, the thugs being so outnumbered, but as the crowds disbursed, groups of “resistors” found stragglers and bullied and beat them up 7 or 8 attacking one, and always from behind, hidden in shadow, and all but eyes covered so no one can identify them. Typical cowardice of bullies.

But don’t think they got by with it. They are storing up the wrath of God against themselves. It’s just hard for us in this instant-everything world, to wrap our minds around delayed justice, and I imagine the wounded and assaulted feel even less patient. I hate every instance of unprovoked, victimization. But in America that has been a comparitively rare exception, until now.

As a person who has been pardoned by a patient and loving God who sacrificed His only son to secure that pardon, I am trying to view the dressed-in-all-black, angry  young men and young women, through that spiritual lens. They have been lied to, and programmed to hate. They are clearly miserable, and being surrounded by joyful people serves only to infuriate them more. Praying for enemies is the hardest thing God asks of many of us.

The truth about the massive voter fraud may all come out into the light, but I caution everyone not to assume it will change the outcome. Mostly I say that because the swamp is really an ocean. Worse, possibly, than Trump even really knew. It’s the ocean on day 20 post Fukushima.

Be mindful that during this internal uncivil war, there are world powers who will be very happy to mount an attack while the focus is on the outcome of the recounts and court cases.

My motivation to pray is twice what it was before, and consists increasingly of mostly “your will be done, Lord”, because what is the right outcome thing to pray for? We can pray for the process. We can pray God will be glorified in all of this. We can pray truth prevails. We can pray Donald Trump himself gets on his knees in private, just him alone going to God about it, as well as others on his team. We can pray our praises and our gratitude for blessings. We can pray for our President’s family and our  representatives in government, even Nancy Pelosi, (although God might have to stick His hand in the back of my head like a sock puppet for that one!)

In seriousness, prayer is meant to align our hearts and minds with His, not the other way around. Make us ready, Lord, for the coming days, and give us boldness to be the salt and light we are meant to be.

We could be raptured any moment, but we tend to underestimate God, and are frequently wrong in guessing how things will go. There’s a lot He doesn’t address in His Word, but we can trust 100% of what He has said. Obedience is safety, and understanding more, comes only when we act appropriately upon what we already do understand. Always return to the basics when disoriented.

Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint Isaiah 40: 31.

God will be in charge of America after the winner of this election is determined, just like He was before.  Just saying those words, my heart is more settled, my shoulders more relaxed, my heart less heavy.




2 thoughts on “Who will be in charge in America?

  1. I’m praying the figurative heads of these gangs are cut off….that their instigators and funders are prosecuted. We may find once they are no longer getting paid, the protests will dwindle. That’s what I’m praying any way. I feel nothing but pity for those on the street rioting and looting (though it is angry pity), but no sympathy in the least for the evil reprobates that are behind it all. Advocating for, and celebrating, the killing of babies aligns you with demons and I’m afraid some of them may be too far gone.


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