New phase of battle, new petition 

The team of attorneys who are fighting to keep this election from being stolen are Christians. I do not know how this particular chapter of our Constitutional ends, (referring to this election) but I believe we should fight until we have exhausted all possible remedies.

When there is a building collapse, with people trapped and injured, paramedics sometimes have to go into an unstable structure, taking the risk of being wounded or killed themselves.

The fire department will normally come as additional medical support, as well as using their large trucks and ladders to stabilize what they can of the structure and enable rescue, and fire is always a possibility in a building collapse.

The way I see it, America is the collapsing building, the lawyers are the EMT’s and paramedics, and the voting citizens are the crucial support that will facilitate their ability to get where they need to go to accomplish the rescue.

Below is a link to a different petition than the one I posted last week. At this stage, to have our “day in court” we must stop the states from certifying their votes without a full audit. I don’t like to stop my efforts until I know I have done all I can. What you do is up to your own convictions and perspectives. I respect that. But for any who aren’t ready quite yet to surrender to a very obvious gaslighting about an obviously stolen election, by leaders who hate you, no less, you can use the link to get to the petition on ConservativeHQ, and you can go to to find out how to contact the state  government level powers that be, who certify the vote count for their states, to express your desire for them to stand against this travesty and not certify or assign the electors until the results in all of the key states are fully audited (not just recounted). Some names of the majority leaders only have a phone number, and calls are best, but down in the comments on that page, people have looked them up and provided email addresses on a lot of them. Once a state has certified, they are saying they accept the count and affirm it as valid and correct. Calls and emails really work. If they know how many people support having the state electors rectify this by giving their votes to the candidate whom they believe the people really elected, they are much more apt to stand against the relentless bullying and pressure and threats that they are getting. They NEED to hear from us. Especially residents of contested states, but at this point every single state count is in question and a citizen of any and every state has a dog in this fight.

All the while, most crucial of all is keep praying, for God’s will, and for evil to be exposed. If we turn a blind eye to this, won’t that make us complicit? God will give it to Biden despite anything we do, if that is the plan, but we will have stood against it. It is not flesh and blood, it IS spiritual. But ballots are physical, and people with skin on are tasked with certifying an honest count. If they pull it off despite all our best efforts, then so be it, we continue serving and waiting, watching for the blessed hope, and extending hope in Christ to others.

 ConservativeHQ For petition For state officials contact info

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