It is very disheartening to see how many Republicans refuse to stand with conservative voters, and are as eager to see Trump lose as the Democrats and Socialists

“GA Gov Brian Kemp refuses to invoke emergency powers to strengthen recount”– Breitbart

“Newsmax calls Arizona and Wisconsin for Biden”–Newsmax

Sen. Graham: Trump Should Attend Biden Inauguration ‘If’ Biden Wins” –Newsmax

People like Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Pat Toomey, Liz Cheney, and the rest of their ilk have all caved to the demands of the swamp“–

“Former Speaker Paul Ryan is calling for President Trump to accept the election results and move forward with a peaceful transfer of power to President-elect Joe Biden…Canada Free Press
A supporter of President Trump who gave $2.5 million towards the effort to expose and prove claims of fraud in the presidential election is now trying to get his money back.–RedState

Vermont’s Republican Governor urges kids to narc on families about Thanksgiving activities–Redstate

Four weeks after the “election” and even Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham are eager to get the “Biden transition” rolling.

Gen McInerney is calling for the sedition act, and Mike Flynn says if we let this stolen election stand, America is done. I agree. Just look into the appointees for the pretend Biden presidency. Marxists, radicals, haters of America, more interested in helping strengthen China. The few who actually voted for Biden will find out how little their candidate really cares about them if he actually gets in. Shortly, Biden will be put out to pasture, and Kamala Harris will become the “most powerful leader of the free world”.

But then who will be V.P.? My money is on Barack Obama, by appointment from Harris. That’s the way the Constitution has it set up. Just like a presidential candidate chooses his or her running mate for VP, the now- President selects their own replacement.

But we are on the same trajectory as we had been on for so long before Trump. I still say the left will stop at nothing. They and too many on the right, as well, have gotten too accustomed to the power and riches that their positions afford them.

The founding fathers of America never intended congressional seats to be lifelong, or multiple-year positions. The job was meant to be a service job, and terms only a couple of years, no 2nd, 3rd, ad infinitum. Then they were back out into their normal lives, and had to actually live under and abide by the legislation they created.

Thankfully, as Christians, we can look forward to true justice when Christ returns and reigns. We know the guilty parties will not “get by” with this without consequences.

Trump’s not done. He and the attorneys may prevail via the state legislatures assigning the electors to vot1e for Trump, based on the real numbers. But the left will only double their obstruction. They do have an issue to contend with that had not been much trouble for them before, and that is the divide between old school Democrats, and the “Democratic Socialists”. That is a divided house, but considering the age of so many on the left, time alone will erode that advantage for the traditional Dems.

Where is God in all of this? He is big enough, smart enough, and powerful enough to let us learn things the hard way, giving us what we ask for, even in lieu of some better outcome He had in mind.

Does it all come down to Georgia, really? We should know by now that there is no predicting. What will be will be. Our Shepherd won’t lose sight of any of His sheep. Nothing changes that fact. Yes we do whatever we can, but if we learn on December 15th or whatever day we learn which way it will go, there has to be a point when we accept what is. We have to view it through that prophecy lens. Trump and Kushner facilitated the Abraham Accords. If the leftists are in charge, that process will falter. It may not be reversed, it will just stall where it is, and may or may not be honored by all parties. On the other hand, the left is less pro-Israel, and that could lead to an Israeli pre-emptive strike on Damascus to destroy Iran’s access to Israel, and ability to harm Israeli citizens. Iran has always known that an attack on Israel cannot happen under a leader like Trump, but Biden/ Harris, and most of Obama’s roster back in place, that was a very different climate that allowed Islamic extremists to be bold without much fear of reprisal. Biden already said he will renew the treaty with Iran. From a prophetic perspective, Biden-Harris makes more sense as being conducive to an attempted attack on Israel. Only yesterday, I read that a 4th election for Israel was likely. America is unstable, Israel is unstable, Iran observed and may have manipulated our election, so do you think maybe team Biden worked something out with Iran in exchange for their possible assistance?

Everything is global already. Economies are so interdependent, elections decided by everyone but  the citizens. The reset they keep talking about, is not just an economic reset. It will be the beginning of the shift of power to the ten horns, and there will be no humanitarian concerns. Population reduction is part of the agenda. Biden/Harris/Obama could easily facilitate an EMP attack by China.

It all has to play out, and most of what is left to happen can’t happen until the church is removed. At the moment it all truly seems to start crumbling, in an instant, we will be snatched out of harms way. As fast as the Biblical description of “in the twinkling of an eye” we could be around long enough to experience an emergency notification like the one in Hawaii a few years ago, but gone before any explosion. But there may be some folks the Lord still wants to get ready. Some to salvation, but some Christians who are still too much in love with this world and their present life.

So even as in the Earthly realm, we may still experience a sense of disappointment, frustration, and even anger about the massive cheating, we can let go of that, because we have an awesome future to look forward to, and even if the wait seems longer than expected, every day brings us closer. Maranatha!

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