See and hear for yourself. The media is lying as are governors and state Attorneys General

I have watched as much of the first person election testimony from each swing state as I have been able this week. The hearings are being carried live on different Youtube channels, surprisingly not being censored. It is very plain to see that the same fraudulent tactics were employed in each state. Predictably Democrats at state level in each affected state, repeatedly ask “where is the evidence, where is the proof” even after sitting through 6 hours of sworn testimony! It is clear that two sides look at the same thing, and each sees and hears something completely different from what the other side sees and hears. The process of these hearings has shown how far we have strayed from rule of law, that people in positions of creating legislation, do not know law or the constitution.

Every day another “conservative” is exposed as a turncoat in congress, or any of the abc agencies like Barr at DOJ. Agenda 2030 is being implemented, and it hardly even matters who is president because the plan is for the U.S. to submit to the authority of the U.N.

I would say the utter confidence with which most of congress is acting as if Biden won and proceeding accordingly, is a clear indication that the takedown of America is already “in the bag”.

Voices on the right are calling for invoking of the insurrection act, but despite our military’s past history of leaning right, there is a very real chance that any such move could well prove there are “sleepers” in the military too, who will come out and prove to be operatives of the globalist agenda. The military is supposed to be non-partisan, but I don’t think there are any neutral zones left in America.

It seems almost too late for invoking the insurrection act, and lawmakers at national and state level are so ignorant of the Constitution, that they will deny Trump’s Constitutional legitimate authority to enact it. If he does so, I predict, as I have all along, that people in our government already have a plan of action to quell military action, with outside forces. This is a takeover, and it is the way America is subdued to the extent that we cannot help Israel. Has anyone else noticed how clear-minded Biden seems now?

In Israel, the inability to settle a budget has the government there on track to yet another (4th in 2 years) election in March. There’s instability and chaos everywhere we turn in the world, and a desperation for someone, anyone with a plan for restoration of order, rises day by day. Covid Vaccines have started shipping to some states, and the “science” on both the Covid and the vaccine is far from settled.

For years now, I have watched the breakdown of communication. What is spoken is not what is heard. I have had many experiences of this in personal interactions, and I am sure the internet and “e-everything” has crippled our ability to understand one another. Kind of like the Tower of Babbel only we seem to have done this to ourselves.

People are on the edge. Volatile. That word sums up the overall condition of planet Earth, of humanity at this moment. We have watched this moment make it’s way nearer and nearer for a very long time. Domestic enemies of America are blocking every effort to inform the general populace of the fraud in this election, denying that it is ” “sufficient enough” to flip the numbers to Trump’s favor, all in a bid to run the clock out. Is Trump wisely avoiding so drastic a measure of Executive action to invoke the Insurrection act, until the last moment possible, or is he also waiting for the clock to run out? As one after another trusted leader proves to be complicit with globalism, will he merely be the last one to do so? I just can’t shake this image of the end if a play, when the actors all come out for individual acknowledgement and a bow, and the theatre-goer has to let the story dissolve and have that moment when the person we got to know as the character, steps out of that character and we are back to reality. The story fades like a mist, the house lights come on, and we see lights, cables, stagehands. I keep seeing Trump as that main character gets the greatest applause of all, having been so convincing as hero or villain. At the wrap party they are all on one team, congratulating themselves for pulling off such a performance that drew the audience in and had them eating out of their hands. The “cast” in this election drama have taken off their masks. The “audience” are real people, suffering real effects.

The spiritual perspective, however, is more a puppet show. The villain and protagonist are one and the same, the puppeteer. In the end, the puppets are empty and lifeless, like discarded costumes, harmless and mere tools.

This is the ” final act”. We will soon see what each character ” really looks like” without stage makeup. The house lights will bring us back to jarring reality, and some of us will go home.

We prayed for America, God gave us Trump for 4 years, he did some swamp-draining, and became a national hero to many, but any moment now, the Lord is going to personally interact with mankind in judgment. Would 4 more years of Trump be a reprieve? Any action on his part to remain in office, I expect will involve violence, bloodshed, and death. If he leaves office, if this blatant steal that everybody knows is a fraud, if that is left to stand and go forward, America is done. That is my conclusion without regard to any others making similar predictions, but there are many in better position to know what’s what, who have expressed the same conviction. I think many people have lost all hope of actual representation, and believe that our elections are a sham. Many more just don’t care, and personally, I can only pray God’s will be done, and come what may, my faith is in Him. One thing is for sure. Under the Biden admin, all of America will become as California and New York City, Detroit and Chicago. Criminals and illegals will be elevated over citizens, especially Christians and Jews. I can’t fathom those conditions, and I know God will absolutely have to enable me to endure those kind of conditions. I pray that God prepare our sons. I pray for Christians everywhere, and I take comfort in knowing Christians all around the world who already know what is in store for us, because they already live under those conditions, are praying for us.

I haven’t posted as much during the week. It seems like a good time to be quiet. I encourage everyone to look on Youtube for hearings in the contested states, hear the witnesses yourself. I am only posting ones I have watched, except I haven’t finished watching Nevada. These made me sad and very angry.


4 thoughts on “See and hear for yourself. The media is lying as are governors and state Attorneys General

  1. I only watch Hannity and Levine mostly on Fox and mostly (I don’t know if there’s such a word as “mostly,” LOL I just watch Newsmax–I prefer that now.–Blessings to you and yours, Barbara

    On Fri, Dec 4, 2020, 7:32 AM Serve Him in the Waiting wrote:

    > STLloyd posted: ” I have watched as much of the first person election > testimony from each swing state as I have been able this week. The hearings > are being carried live on different Youtube channels, surprisingly not > being censored. It is very plain to see that the same f” >


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