Not enough sugar in the world

When I was a nurse, I was surprised the first time a patient took their little cup full of pills, and threw them all into their mouth at once, and washed them all down with big gulps of water. Noting my surprise, he chuckled and said “easier to get it all over with at once”.

Most everyone is familiar with the line from a song in “The Sound of Music” that says “Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down” My posts which consist mainly of several headlines are my blogging version of those two med-taking tricks. My hat is off to those who have been sounding the alarm for more years than my 11+. It’s tricky keeping things in proportion, and the luxury of blissful ignorance is not an option.

It is hard to fathom this point where our world is at right now. As I watched some of the protest/rally/prayer meeting in D.C. yesterday evening, and noticed outside my window that darkness was falling (I’m in the same time zove), I thought, “oh no! get out of there, people, before dark. That’s when they come out!” They only come out under the cover of darkness! Sure enough, some of the first headlines I saw, were the antifa bunch.


Antifa stab 4 at rally

23 Arrested in Protester, counter protester clash in DC

The news hasn’t failed to report all of “Biden’s” cabinet picks. I dread them so much, I try not to even read or hear them. This administration is going to be everything Obama wanted his to be. If the Dems steal Georgia’s runoffs, conservatives will have no power, no real representation ever again. The demons in these people utterly despise anything good. They will do their best to quash it, punish it, whatever it takes.

Biden eyes Cuomo for Attorney General

Because that’s worked out so well for NYC, so yeah, sounds great!! Churches will definitely be in the crosshairs if that happens.

A bit of good news, and somewhat surprising:

Lyn Wood Georgia case place on the docket at Supreme Court

There was a lot of misunderstanding on the TX case and why it was rejected. They ruled that it was dismissed on standing, which is different from dismissal on merit.

Standing essentially pertains to whether the one bringing suit, has anything to lose if the case is not adjudicated. Standing asks if the plaintiff is being discouraged or prevented from exercising a legitimate constitutional right, or some cases are assigned automatic standing, such as a factory contaminating river water.

Merit has to do with the substance, the question of whether law was broken. The Supreme Court was not saying there was no breaking of the law. They were judging that Texas was too far removed from any direct damages inflicted by the other 4 states. So, Lyn Wood’s case (v Atty Gen Rathisberger) now will be reviewed, and if the technical specifications meet the appropriate qualifications, they should opt to take it up for full hearing. Ideally doing so today (Sunday, 13th) because on Monday the electors are to be certified. If they certify fraudulent election results, though, that will not be valid. I think this distinction of cases, standing, etc is why Wood and Sidney Powell split off from the Trump team. Two-or three-pronged approach provides a better shot of getting something taken up and adjudicated at the Supreme Court level. That is also why all of the dismissals at lower courts were not setbacks. They are just a necessary part of the path to the Supreme Court. (Lawyering must take an awful lot of patience!) The lawyers expected those, and many of them were not even initiated by the Trump campaign. I’m not saying the Justices won’t dismiss Wood’s case. In this “good is bad and up is down” climate, we may as well accept that the thing that makes sense will almost certainly NOT be the thing happen!

It won’t truly be over until someone is sworn in on Jan 20. Even then, with the Hunter Biden scandal, who knows? This faux outrage that Bill Barr knew about the Hunter investigations for 3 months, is a crock. I and anyone who watches alternative news sources, knew about it 3 mo. ago, and the Dems knew even back when his crimes were taking place, because most of them also have sweet behind-scenes deals with China as well. Fientein’s sudden memory struggles are awfully convenient! She employed a Chinese driver for years, and she and her husband have large holdings and business interests going with China, themselves.

The evil, the cheating, lying, extorting, thievery, sedition, personal gain, perversion, and corruption that surround our governmental representatives (not “leaders”) is a bitter, gag-inducing pill for Christian people to swallow. Whole sugar plantations couldn’t make it palatable, but like dogs returning to their own vomit, these who sold their soul for earthly, temporary gain, can never get enough!

As for me, I am just very gratefully looking up, and listening for trumpets!

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