“Let me be clear”

I hate that phrase, don’t you? Politicians and talking heads use it way too much. They say it, and then spout a bunch of lies and nonsense, calculated toward making you forget what you asked them.  I think we need a moratorium on that phrase, as well as “double down” and the practice of starting a statement with “so”, & the question “right?”at the end of every statement.

“Right?” is now serving as the new “um”.

Language, grammer, and spelling are all messed up. We Americans just decided to lower our standards somewhere along the way, and never stopped. That’s not what this post is about, though. (Probably just the first of many detours).

I just want to encourage folks that it is precisely when all options seem exhausted, that God does the most amazing things. I am usually the first one to assume the worst. Which is why the remarkable peace I feel about all of this, seems significant. I learned fairly early in my adult life that God seems to really like it when we say, “I can’t do this, Lord, it’s all on You”. (Caveat: He likes that only when it is actually true). Despite reporting all this negative junk happening, I actually think we are getting ready to enter into that place (spiritually speaking) when we get to start seeing some of God’s best work. It won’t be because “we are America and, darn it, America always bounces back”. I don’t think we are going to bounce, roll, or return back in any way, actually.

Listen, when does God ever need to do anything “a little early?” When I wait until the “last minute” which is almost all the time, it makes me feel nervous and jittery. It’s a pretty stupid habit. God is not one bit worried about how this is all going to pan out. First off, He knows. Secondly, He is the master of time. He is the master of circumstances. He owns the cattle, the hills, the rivers, the seeds, the trees. He even owns Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and Kamalla Harris. He knows what happens next, and after that, on and on world without end. He knows what the vote totals actually were, and He knows the name (and address) of every single person who participated in, facilitated, or knew and looked the other way. None of them “got away” with anything.

After the prophecy of Malachi, God chose not to have much to say, didn’t intervene in obvious direct ways in man’s goings-on until 400 years later when He intervened in the course of humanity in a most personal way, by sending Jesus to have the experience of being human, and die sinless as a sacrifice to redeem us. After the 33 years of His presence among men, He laid down his life, took it back up 3 days later and ascended back up into heaven, and the Holy ghost came to teach, convict, and seal the members of the body who will be the bride of Christ.

He spoke then, only to select individuals, from the time of Jesus’ ascension, to the time when Revelation was complete around 95 AD.

This stuff happening now, may seem disturbing to people who don’t know the Lord or His Word. But the rest of us should understand that God is getting ready to interact personally with mankind once again. That should be exciting to us! Don’t let satan tarnish that by fear and doubt. It is 100% possible to face uncertainty and “scary” stuff, without being fearful. But you can’t make it happen. Daniel wasn’t afraid in the lion’s den. It wasn’t because he mustered up his courage. When you need peace, God gives it to you. It is that simple. He lets us sweat it out on things He wants to let us figure out on our own, but there are times in human experience when you have absolutely no control.

When your kids were new little babies, and you had to take them out on a sunny day, you automatically put a blanket over the carrier to shield his or her eyes. They were completely helpless, and if that need was going to be met, that baby sure wasn’t going to be the one to get that blanket in place!

God knows what we need.

If the economy crashes, if socialism is instated, if the FEMA camps open, if Christians face “re-education”  God will give us the measure of grace, strength, and courage we need. If we face famine, He will make too little into enough. If there will be pain, He will provide equal degree of ability to withstand it.

We struggle with doubt and fear because we approach most things without factoring God into the equation right out of the gate.

If you have never experienced this “download of peace” phenomenon, you have something to look forward to!

When you are thrust into that situation where it is outside of your ability to bring about any desirable outcome, there is none of that self-will factor in the mix. Unquestionably, when you, as a Christian get some terrible, life-shattering news, the Holy Spirit just envelops you during that vulnerable time. He picks you up and carries you and won’t set you back down until He knows you are ready to stand.

Stay conscientious to pursue Him. (Draw near to God and He will draw near to you).  When He said “be not afraid.” He wasn’t expecting us to comply. Think of it more like your body is His instrument or tool, and it is voice activated. “Be not afraid!”, is more like “let there be light”! Got it?

  • “Fear not” in 63 verses of KJV,
  • “Be not afraid” in 27 verses of KJV

Let me be clear: It’s going to be ok!

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