I don’t know about you, but this image kind of describes my state of mind today. Buffering…..buffering, not quite loading. Tired. Beyond whatever happens in GA Wednesday, and in Congress Thursday, and regardless of who gets sworn in on the 20th, God is still listening for prayers of a repentant, humbled nation. The blows we have taken since Nov 4, betrayal after betrayal, should not surprise any of us who are aware of prophecy being fulfilled. The necessity of a diminished America in the run-up to the globalist system, even though anticipated, is not a pleasant contemplation.

I pray that God continues to have mercy on America, and prevents this ridiculous farce from actually carrying through to capitulation and silent acceptance of this blatant theft. Will the world just pretend it didn’t happen?

Satan is a thief, and a very adept deceiver. It’s a sober time in the world. God is about to directly address mankind, something most are not ready for. People who hate God, are going to get what they want, but they aren’t going to like it.

I’m so glad I know God is in control. It would be easy to be filled with fear if I didn’t. My hope is in the Lord. He is my strength and shield. The lifter of my countenance. My high tower. He has seen me, and many others through some pretty gruelling circumstances before, and He is’t going to fail us now either.

When everything is out of your hands, and you’ve done all you can do, you might as well chill and watch what God is about to do. We’re in good hands!

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