God Has Spoken

Ok, guys, we asked for a Trump second term. God said no. The deception is very thorough. Of those who claim Trump is crazy and was trying to take over the country, most of them are sincere in truly believing that because it is part of THE delusion.

The thwarting of the Constitutional process was perfectly executed. In my opinion, it was done so artfully, I find it hard to credit the choreography to any human. The devil himself orchestrated it all in a way that put to shame the best movie directors in Hollywood. But none of it happened outside of God’s permission. It is just time. My heart breaks for the USAF veteran who died, and her family. Because many of us watched online, there is footage of her death that many saw in real time. I hope those who saw it, will understand this is what pride, greed, and all sin leads to. There were other deaths not being elaborated upon in the context of the march. There are a lot of seemingly valid reasons for many people to be very angry, but I hope most of us will do some soul searching in light of the tragedy. That doesn’t diminish the seriousness of a stolen election, but life and death does. It leaves the cheating in the dust.

So lets not let anger seethe in our hearts or strangle our spirits. Yes, it is hard to wrap your head around. Two or three days ago none but the most sadistic among us could have begun to expect or imagine the events that unfolded, but now is not the time to crumble in despair. Our hope is unchanged, and neither should our peace be marred, because we knew this day would come. God knows what you are thinking and feeling. Take a day or two, but use that time accepting what is, and adjusting your expectations accordingly, because it’s not over.

I’m sure you don’t need me to even say that, but in times and circumstances like this, truth is the best tether to keep us on our feet and getting through the day. Now if you have not yet learned how to trust God, it is imperative that you focus your efforts on yielding to His sovereignty, which though unfathomable, is always towards our ultimate good. Life as we knew it is no more. Mourn quick. More is coming at us in coming weeks. If you never fasted, now is a good time to learn the habit. Our own strength will not suffice. Fasting is purposely weakening the flesh. Our flesh is one of our foes. Fasting weakens the flesh. God’s strength is made perfect and complete in our weakness.

Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee, Lord. You promised, and we are going to take You up on that and hold You to it by doing our sincere best at keeping our mind fixed on You.

The way to face overwhelming things is to forbid yourself looking to the tomorrows, and bring it down to the literal moments. Walk through them one at a time, and the hours and days will just follow.

You will fall. Get back up. You might have to ask God for strength for each and every step as you go, but that is ok. You will discover it is not a bad way of doing things. You will find yourself standing in the face of things and wondering how, but knowing it is not of yourself. There are people around you who can vouch for that, if you are new to having to accept loss of control, loss of ability to force circumstances to adjust to your intentions or bow to your sheer determination and fortitude. That won’t cut it here.

I know this may feel harsh, and you probably don’t like that I am saying it. I have been where you’re standing. Refusing to accept it, will only make it more daunting. God is either in charge or He isn’t. The quicker you decide to believe that He is, the easier your endurance of coming days will be on your ability to keep going. This is not about you or me. This blog is written to Christians, primarily, to keep you informed, and hopefully help you endure.

I have not begun to delve into today’s coverage of the event, nor world news, but I know Israel made strikes around Damascus again yesterday as soon as this drama in the States had most of the world transfixed.

Our Deliverer is coming. Hang on to that. The world met the lamb and most of the world yawned. Soon they will be introduced to the Lion. The arrogant will be brought down, but God tends to let them get that cup of wrath they are storing up against themselves full before He pours it out on them. Like evil Haman, they are building their own gallows. God’s anger is serious business, and though the sins of oppressors may rob us of freedom, and many other things, their sin is against God Himself, not us. All sin is. And none of us are sinless. Lost people and even Christians who don’t know prophecy, or are new to the faith need us to hold the line of faith, set the example and be ready to give an account for the hope that is in us. The bickering has to stop. Don’t engage with someone who wants to challenge you on your rapture position, your convictions about various other aspects of Christianity. It is an intentional waste of time and gives the devil a million little victories every day.

Things could continue to gradually drift in this turn of tide, but I don’t think it will go that way. Those who hated us before yesterday, hate us twice as much today, because Who lives in us is the mortal enemy of who lives in them. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. Satan is their father, and king of this world, for now. I’m not going to speculate how much of their plans for us will be implemented however soon. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof. God is for us. In dangerous situations, parents want their children close, so we can protect them. We teach them that there are times when they will need to trust our reasons and obey immediately rather than delay obedience til such time as all the why questions are asked and answered. There are times that simply isn’t feasible. Apply that to things that you are having a hard time accepting in the here and now. Some answers would probably only terrify you and me anyway. Plenty of time in eternity for those questions and answers. God hasn’t sent us into this blind. It’s not His fault if we didn’t bother to read the textbook. The syllabus is in there, and plenty of alarms were being sounded for many years now, and the human powers that be, have told us their intent leading up to this moment, therefore don’t disregard their expressed desire to re-educate Trump supporters and eradicate Christianity. The rest of the world knows this morning, much better than Americans, what yesterday means to our tomorrows. We ask for their prayers on our behalf and thank them for the many they had already been praying. God’s mercies (and provisions) are new every morning!

He gives, and He takes away, blessed be His name.


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