When things don’t go the way you expect

I didn’t post or write much last week. Like most Americans, I was stunned by the speed and fury of the narrative that went forth in the wake of that dispicable stunt on the 6th. We knew politicians are liars. We knew they were self serving. But the way they abandoned and turned upon and vilified President Trump was unbelievable! I knew he didn’t have many allies, but I didn’t realize he had so many all-out enemies in his administration. I knew the Dems hated him, but wasn’t aware how much most of the GOP hated him.

I’ve had a few “emotional moments” this past week, and it manifested in different ways. The sense of betrayal by officials many of us voted for made me sick. A couple of days I was irritable, like a slow burn going on that wasn’t even on a very conscious level. Saturday, I think, is when I had processed it all and I cried. Not about Trump, per se, but about the depth of the evil, and about how thoroughly screwed up America is.

The Antifa- affiliated provocateurs have already been released from custody without bail. One is the son of a judge. You know, I have read my share of books on the history and many personal accounts of experiences during the World Wars. I always finished them with such a sense of gratitude for being born in America.

All the hype about planned armed protests at state capitols. I read that in Richmond it was just cops and press. Not one angry protester. People didn’t take the bait. I don’t believe any conservatives initiated that idea. I believe it was more of the same as the 6th, and they hoped for someone to give them a reason to arrest some conservatives, or get anything on video that they could use to create the appearance of conservatives misbehaving.

It’s just sad.

God is letting the corrupt ones do their evil, to their own ultimate destruction. I wonder how far back in their lives was their first bad choice, to do something even though they knew was wrong.

It boggles my mind to realize the ferocity of their hatred. I figured indifference, seemed likely the upper threshold of their regard for we the people, but apparently it goes much further. They have no reason to hate the millions of people they have never even met. It is clearly the anti-Christ spirit in all of them. They are enslaved to Satan, and though I figure there are some who sought that association, others probably don’t even realize they are slaves.

Things didn’t go the way we hoped, in the election and effort to audit the vote. It is disappointing, but God is doing something, and He knows how to bring good out of evil.

A bunch of UFO related documents were made accessible to the public this past week. In the midst of everything going on, that could easily have been missed by many people.  I’m looking up, but not for UFO’s! That “disclosure” seems right on time, don’t you think?

🎵  I hear the sound of a mighty rushing wind and it’s closer now than it’s ever been. I can almost hear the Father say “Son go get my children” and at the Midnight Cry we’ll be going home.

🎼  Some glad morning when this life is o’er I’ll fly away! To a home on God’s celestial shore, I’ll fly away. I’ll fly away, Oh Glory! I’ll fly away. (On Titus flight 2:13) Boarding soon!

🎶 Beulah Land I’m longing for you and some day on thee I’ll stand, where my home will be eternal. Beulah land, Sweet Beulah land.

I’m kind of homesick for a country to which I’ve never been before, no sad goodbyes will there be spoken, and time won’t matter anymore.

I’m looking now across the river
Where my faith will end in sight.
There’s just a few more days to labor.
Then I will take my heavenly flight

Squire Parsons wrote this song. It is based on Isaiah 62: 4. The passage really refers to God’s relationship to the nation of Israel. Beulah is the Hebrew word for “married”. The relationship between Christ and His church are also seen in this typology, and the first time I ever heard it was at my parent’s church in West Virginia. Fitting, as Squire Parsons is a West Virginian himself (Newton). He is now 74, and only retired from his traveling music ministry a few years ago after some cardiac issues. It is a comforting song for weary Christians.

Come, Lord Jesus!



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