Another Intervention by God in my personal story

August, 2015

A “getaway” for hubby and me.

Adorable little cottage-like motel in PA.

We chose there because we had to take our youngest to a week-long Parkour camp near there, and rather than make the trip twice, we decided to make it a vacation.

We had dropped him off, and had just started getting our luggage into our room when our son called to inform us he forgot to take his sleeping bag out of the car. My husband made the one hour round trip to get it to him, and I continued getting our stuff arranged in our room, then sat down with my Bible and journal to read and write. Out of the blue, I got a sudden image in my mind, that felt like a premonition, of Garrett in a car crash. I immediately prayed for his safety, and then went back to my reading, and didn’t think about it again. I have had things like that before of seeing someone in a perilous situation, not frequently yet many times over the course of my life, but never about a person known to me. I always prayed when it happened, because it was always accompanied by an unction that I needed to pray for the situation I was “seeing”.

Well, Garrett gets back, and soon we went in search of lunch. Whe we were settled at our table, Garrett said “Oh, I forgot to tell you I almost died on the way back from camp”

There was a backup of traffic on the rural road, and he was in the arc of a curve in the road when he came upon it and slammed on the brakes, and simultaneously glanced in his rearview only to see another car flying full speed up behind him, with driver looking down at his phone. The guy barely missed Garrett, but flew off the road as he swerved around him. No injuries, praise God!

Prayer is such a mystery. How does it effect circumstances that way? I don’t understand it, but I sure know it has power to change things. Even so, how often do we forget that? I know I forget. The things of the Lord work best when we are in the Word and keeping a prayer habit. Obedience plays a big part in what the Holy Spirit can and will do through a believer. Like most things, the more effort you put in, the more work of God you will see. But we are like a man beholding his face in a mirror, and when he walks away, forgetting what manner of man he is.

I keep journals. Have done most of my life. Occasionally I read through them. It helps me keep track of some things, and also to see my path over the course of the years. I can recognize the times I was less diligent in pursuing God, and times I could not get enough of Him. I have many stories of things I got to witness as God worked in some situation, and sometimes even used me to do so. He is a good God. Even when I screw up. ♥️

2 thoughts on “Another Intervention by God in my personal story

  1. Yes! I will randomly dream about someone I have not seen for years and years and I wake up thinking about it and as you say have the unction to pray for them so I do. I totally believe God tells us to pray for certain people and circumstances even if we don’t understand it at the time. There’s no telling how many times we have prayed for people and change their circumstances and never even know it. That is why it is so important to never brush these feelings off or ignore them.


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