“Could have been worse” is no consolation

So. Big business is why people died and millions suffered catastrophic damages to life and property because  ERCOT wanted the Texas power grid to be independent from the power grid connecting the rest of America. A setup that exists precisely to prevent extensive and widespread power loss like what is happening now. I wonder if any other states are set up like this, and how many don’t have measures in place to mitigate against deep freeze temps because it “never” gets that cold there?” The love of money is the root of all evil. With no oversight, no accountability, they were free to cut corners and omit contingency plans. Weather will only become more and more extreme. –STL

“So in hopes to frontrun a wave of lawsuits, they spun their quick reaction as the only thing that prevented an even more catastrophic scenario”

“In other words, the millions of households left without power – in some cases for days – were sacrificing for the greater good.”

(Those illegal border crossers are warm, dry, well fed, though, right?. –STL)


One thought on ““Could have been worse” is no consolation

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