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Do you wish we could turn back the clock? What period would the world go back to, if it were possible? I have never liked that idea. Never wanted to go back. I always say, it was bad enough living through it the first time. Life, in general. Don’t misunderstand. I am blessed, and I am grateful. But as they say, anything worth having is not going to come easy.

It will be interesting to find out what things survive the refiners fire. Things we didn’t think of as a “good work”, but maybe did out of empathy. Maybe that is why God allows us to be buffeted by the enemy and life’s storms that accompany life in a fallen state. So we can have empathy, and when someone else has their infirmity, or trial, we sincerely desire to alleviate some of their pain, or fear, and thus we do something reflexively, which God knows will survive the refiner’s fire.

I occasionally check in on a Youtuber named Pastor Tim Henderson. I don’t agree with him on everything, but no one can question his joy in serving the Lord. He lives and breathes it, 24/7. I think that is wonderful. He is always giving the gospel to everybody he meets. And last week, he lost his wife. I don’t know what the circumstances were, but apparently it was sudden and unexpected. But Pastor Tim is still praising God and serving and happy. No doubt he is hurting, but he knows he will see her again pretty soon. The church he pastor’s is small but active, and relationships seem to be very close as a body, plus his adult kids live near, as well as grandkids, so great support system in place. He shared the memorial service over livestream for family that could not travel there for the burial and service. He shared it with his channel family too. I know from the outside looking in, I can’t see the underbelly of their church. There are always grumblers, critics, and frictions in any local body. But it is getting so rare to find a church like that anymore.

Please pray for Pastor Tim Henderson, his family, and Jonathan Creek Church in Indiana. He never stops talking about Jesus, and he gets a lot of negative comments, calls, and even threats. That is the world now. I know right after the death of someone, there is a period of weeks and months when the surviving family deals with many tasks that keep them busy, and plenty of offers of help, encouragement and comfort. Pray that he will do his grieving, whatever grieving he needs, because I imagine he may feel a certain responsibility to continue to be the encourager he always is, and may have some denial of his need to process the loss. I don’t know. As things get darker and darker, I expect there will be many whom God will remove unexpectedly, to spare them some of what we may witness before it’s all over.

I pray the Lord lift you and uphold you in whatever trials and burdens you face. I pray for all Christians, everywhere, that He sustain us, prepare us for whatever time we remain, and whatever we will see.

I read an article this morning where an American Airlines passenger plane was overshadowed by a “large syllindrical object” that the pilot described as looking like an ICBM. The articles are calling it a UFO encounter, but it could very easily have been a missile test, ours, or someone else’s. It was over Arizona.

There are some in prophecy circles that are talking a lot about aliens, giants, entities, etc. They believe in this present “as the days of Noah” scenario, we will start encountering them, more and more.

People think that life is going to return to normal. That carmtastrophic storm in Texas is nothing, when compared with the things about to come upon humanity. Burnt out, exhausted, despondent people, killing themselves, some killing the entire family. Trying to escape how bad it is right now. People’s jobs, businesses, livelihood ripped away. I can vouch for how terrifying that feels when you have young children, and lose your income, when you have lived hand-to-mouth for years and the prospect of ” savings” was tragically laughable. People who have lived that way, are the first ones to give to someone else in need. People who never experienced it, often just judge and denigrate. Sometimes, people do everything right, and something comes along and rips it all out from under you. It can happen to those who are judgmental well-to-do just as easily. Count your blessings! God doesn’t owe us anything. But He offers us everything, just not all of it in this life or realm.

I am so grateful He saved me, and I look forward to seeing Jesus face to face, and meeting all the rest of the body and bride. How long do you think the introductions will take?

Come quickly, Lord!


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