I just can’t take the stupid anymore

I have never claimed to be a perfect example of loving people the way Jesus loves people. Especially stupid people. There has got to be an exclusion clause for that!! Surely!

And it gets so much harder with every passing day! Stupid is the real pandemic.

I want to find all of the remaining lucid people and gather them together somewhere in flyover country, weed out all of the lame- brained Mistar Potato Head-hating, Dr. Seusse-boycotting, gender-flipping morons, “quarintine” them all into California, slice it off of the continent, and shove that baby out into the Pacific Ocean. Maybe it will drift over toward Fukushima or something.

But then, that would probably only mutate them into gargantuan mutant morons with three heads, which would give them thrice as many mouths with which to torment people. So. That won’t work.

Sorry, Lord. I’m feeling a wee bit “fleshy” today. I may need an intervention.

But can’t people see this is how they do it!

On every side gormless half-wits bombard you with embecilic, asinine hokum and nonsensical, virtue-signaling frippery until it turns you so stark raving mad that you CRACK……..and then…..you’re one of them!

In fact, one of them will probably read this, tell me how offensive my capitalization of the sexist word “crack” is, and S.W.A.T. my house. I better put on my gillie suit and go find my cartoon gun with the little white flag that pops out when you pull the trigger……… because Covid.

If Jesus doesn’t take this wheel, one of you better do it because I am becoming overwhelmed with a compulsion to drive into the next concrete wall I see, just to make it stop!!!! Someone is gonna need to tie me up, cram a rag in my mouth and wrap my entire head in duct tape. I really don’t want to say anything ugly, but my melon is fixing to explode!

Anybody else?

Is that little vein in my temple throbbing? It IS throbbing! I may be having a stroke!

The Bible warned that evil would be called good, and good would be called evil. I didn’t realize we would need to extrapolate the principal out to it’s ultimate ends. If you flip good and bad, you invert language. So not only is good now evil, but male is now female. See how that works? Not only is male female, but male is woke feminist with a degree in women’s studies who goes around being offended on behalf of actual women, many of which are not actually offended themselves.

Because, they shooould be offended, see?

No wonder God came up with fire and brimstone! I can’t roll my eyes far enough back into my head to do this thing justice! They would have to lap around six or seven times just to get started!!!!!!!……….

…………….Hmmm. Suddenly I feel pretty serene. That’s why you gotta let it out! Otherwise it’s like a million microscopic brain-eating amoeba chewing their way through your skull one tiny bite at a time.

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