Wait, what?

Hovercraft over Sea Cornwallhttps


I love stuff like this! Ball Lightning is another cool natural phenomenon. My Mom described seeing this, neither she nor I had ever heard of it. My 3rd grade son was listening and matter-of-factly stated “Ball lightning!” We looked at him and said “What?” And he explained. That is how I learned about ball lightening, lol! They can be tiny or huge, but get this. She thought it was a UFO. I have read that when they explode, you can smell sulpher. I have a theory! I think it happens when one of Satan’s minions gets defeated by an Angel! 😉The tiny ones probably explain what some people call ” spirit lights” They can go through walls and windows. Spoooooky, right? 😲

A phenomenon that looks similar, but has a different source, is “will-o’-the-wisp”


Also Known As….

Ghost Candle, Ghost Light, Hinkypunk, Hobby Lantern, Ignis Fatuus (“Foolish Fire”), Spook Light, Will-of-the-Torch. These happen around marshes and bogs as various gasses rise, and as bubbles break out through the surface of the water. But of course the scientific explanation is no fun!

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