Monday Musings

Well, It’s Monday, March 8th, 2021 and you could say there has been a seismic shift. Several in fact. The big news of last week was the number of earthquakes of high magnitude, as well as volcanoes.

“She’s breaking up, Capn!”

Interestingly this uptick coincides with the leadup to a coming Middle East war that is taking place right now. Iran say’s the missiles are coming. Israel says they won’t let that happen, and to prevent it, Israel will have to destroy their base of operation, which is Damascus. That will fulfill Isaiah 17 and set up the players on the chessboard for the invasion of Israel from the North. The earthquakes will only get bigger. During Gog/ Magog, the mountains will crumble and fall, walls will utterly collapse, probably including the wailing wall, which though sacred to the Jew, is not a part of the old temple as they believe.  It is merely a retaining wall, from what I understand.

The Algorithms

Oh, would you believe it? The Bible is right! There is a hell! The innermost core of Earth is molten iron! The algorithms said so.

Hell is real, and you don’t want to go there! A horrific time is coming. Millions will die. There will not be police, or law and order. There will not be enough food. Most water will not be drinkable. Massive animal deaths. No electricity, no internet, no television, catastrophic plagues, real ones, will kill real millions of people. Call upon the name of the Lord, flee the wrath to come. It will be God’s wrath. But Jesus died on a cross to deliver you from that wrath. God Himself put on flesh, and came for one purpose, to shed His holy and sinless blood, as a sacrifice for your sake and mine. Because without the shedding of blood, there is no remission. Satan decieved, and mankind fell. Why do bad things happen to “good people”?  Because Adam and Eve defied God’s one and only law, and the Bible calls the violation of His law ” sin”. Are you a sinner? There’s a test you can take, and see. If you ever told a lie, you are a sinner. If you have ever taken anything that didn’t belong to you, you ‘re a sinner. How you doing so far? The Ten Commandments are God’s law. He never expected us to keep them and never violate a single one. He knew we couldn’t. The laws were given, to show us we can’t do it. The laws of God are like a chain in that breaking a single one breaks the whole law. If I break one link out of the swing on my porch, the chain is broken. All or nothing?

Are you saved? What or who does your faith rest in? The gospel is simple. Jesus came, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died willingly in our place to redeem us, was buried, rose from the dead, ascended to heaven where He sits even now at the right hand of God the Father. The Bible predicted hundreds of things about the Christ before He came, and all proved true by coming to pass just as prophecy said. He is coming again, as was also prophesied.  But before He does, God will pour out His wrath upon this world for a period of roughly 7 years. Then Jesus will come back not as a helpless baby, but as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and we will just be getting started.

It is appoinnted unto man, once to die, and then judgment. Time is running out. Admit you are a sinner. Place your trust, decide to take God at His Word, and believe Jesus came on your behalf, to die, so you could have eternal life. All who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. You never know how close you are to your last breath.

This past week, one of our neighbors went out on the Appomattox river in his kayak. We have had one or two days when the temps got to 60 for a bit. He had just purchased it the previous day and was eager to take it out. I grew up here near that river, and the twin brother of one of our neighborhood kids, on a dare, died in it because there is a really bad undertow. I don’t think our neighbor is from here in VA. I doubt he knew that. It’s the confluence of the Appomattox with the James.

The water is about 38° right now. Another neighbor said he went out without a life jacket, but the news article diesn’t say. I don’t know how much experience he had with Kayaking. I definately don’t have any, but the article said he had weights  in it. (For ballast, I guess.) Some Water Company employees were at the nearby pumping station and heard someone shouting for help. They tried to throw a life jacket out to him. But couldn’t get it close enough  and the water carried it away. He would have been hypothermic pretty quickly. The Water Co guys saw him go under. The river rescue and dive team found the body 8 hours later. He left a wife and 2 very young kids. Baby and preschool. There’s a Go-Fund-Me started by a friend of the family. It is linked in the article, if you feel led to help.

“They lost their hero!”


9 thoughts on “Monday Musings

    • Yep. Eyes to the skies! When I read or hear another instance of fraud by the pharmaceutical industry, when I see a report on all the executive orders, when I know the House passed a bill giving trillions of dollars to the rich…I think, you have no idea what you are storing up for yourselves. Rather than it making me angry, I know their judgment is coming, and I feel sorry for them. In the tribulation, when misery falls like rain, and they remain defiant toward God, shaking their tiny fists at Him it doesn’t take much imagination to see Nancy and Chuck as the ones doing it, that still think they can outsmart and overpower God.

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    • Yeah. Happens every day, and yet people take risks, somehow convinced it won’t happen to them. Denial is a paradox. We deny the danger, because we love a thrill, but somehow manage to disconnect from the fact that it is the danger that causes the thrill.


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