from american bald eagle to a vulture

We were sitting on our patio one day last week and saw 4 eagles circling high above us. They were two adult eagles teaching their young ones flying lessons. I have never seen 4 at once like that. Four in scripture indicates the entirety of something. “To the four winds” means the entire Earth. Multiples of 4 indicate judgment, like the 40 years of wilderness wandering.

Scripture says judgment is coming to the nations of the whole earth. Vultures pick a carcass clean no matter the decay. The more vile and putrid, the better. This truly does describe Biden’s aspirations, his greed and perversion, as the figurehead. The administration are doing all they can to weaken and undermine America and intend to sell us out, to help facilitate a global government.–STL

Live Science This bird has been replace by this bird: pinterest Vulture Creepy Sleepy Joe Biden is the conductor of what may be the largest train wreck in the history of the United States. Never in our history have we been on a path of destruction as we are today; and it is not an […]

from american bald eagle to a vulture

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