6 thoughts on “Here’s why mRNA injections do not meet the legal definition of ‘vaccine’ – LeoHohmann.com

    • Pray for our youngest son. He is 22 and in the Air Force. I had asjed if they had to have it, and he said not yet, and I encouraged him to avoid it as long as he can. He got it because he had been prevented from taking leave to come home due to Covid restrictions. He just wanted to come home. 😢

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        • I believe we are so close to leaving here that it may not matter, but We will pray against those effects anyway. God has His own in every field and I believe thre are those working against this literal attempt to cull the masses of humanity by a couple million. Besides, Gid created the human immune system and can as easily our immune system overcome these as a miracle to shame the guilty! He will bring good from it.

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      • We will pray for your son when we pray for ours. I spent years praying for God to prepare us for this very time, not knowing what-all we might see or endure before the rapture, just an open -ended prayer of “Lord, prepare us for what You know lies ahead for us.”


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