The end seems very near!

We got a bit of joyful news this weekend. We have our first grandbaby on the way!  I feel joy, of course but also some sadness all at once. Sadness about the world this baby will be born into, but joy at something wonderful to anticipate, and even if the rapture happens today, that little soul is already alive and we will know him or her in heaven. We are happy for our son and daughter-in-law, for the anticipation of this blessing, but like any parent, we know it isn’t easy or cheap, so there is that element of concern, but we have confidence in their ability to adapt and do what it takes to provide and care for this new life. They both know how to live within their means, and both have a good work ethic.

I had accepted that grandparenting was likely not something I would get to experience, being the hour seems so late, but God’s timing is very different from our expectations. He knows what He’s doing.

Our younger son is home on leave, after being denied leave for many months due to the Covid-1982 planned-demic, (so he got to be in on the reveal), but he took the jab in order to have his leave approved. I expected the military to make it mandatory eventually, but had hoped he would avoid it as long as it was voluntary. I am praying for special protection against the effects that so many are warning about. I don’t know which one he got, but it was one of those that require 2 doses. To be honest, I sort of suspect that some people are getting a placebo. They track every vial, so they would know who got the real thing and who didn’t.  I know that the pharmaceutical industry is un-ethical for the most part, but God has His people everywhere. Besides, God can render doses harmless regardless what the makers of and investers in this biohack intend.

I continue to warn our kids that their safety in these perilous times, depends on their obedience to God. I have discovered again and again, always to my surprise, that they do still put stock in what Mom and Dad say, and that is just one more blessing to be thankful for! All credit to the Lord!

I know I don’t deserve the blessings God has given me. He is generous. I never cease to wonder that He saw fit that I would know the gospel of Grace and be granted faith to believe it.

I pray for Him to fill me with His Spirit and give me boldness to give that gospel to everybody I possibly can. Jesus tasted death for every man. How unfair and ungrateful is it of us, if we withold it from anyone we have the opportunity to extend it to.

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