Lest you doubt

If you watched the movie in my earlier post, and considered it a little far-fetched, maybe you should listen to this about the social credit score system already in place in America, to keep people in line with the Government agenda. This is Brannon Howse from WorldviewWeekend.net. His guest is Patriot Attorney, who has had his Law License, professional Insurance and Banking threatened for pursuing the issue of the stolen election. It’s happening with Mike Lindell. It’s Happening with Lyn Wood and Sydney Powell, all Patriots, trying to stop the destruction of America. The people who have hijacked America, are criminally insane, but that doesn’t mean they can’t accomplish what they have set out to do. I hope you will listen, and add Worldview Weekend to your lineup of resources. Brannon by whatever means, has direct access to a lot of key people. If he said Trump was going to be his guest, I wouldn’t even be surprised. He does charge for most things, but he delivers quality info and generally ahead of most ministries. If you ever hear of one of his conferences near you, try to go! You can also get paid membership and access to all of his books, DVD’s, podcasts, etc.

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