Receding in the rearview mirror

­The battle for the soul of America was lost when the 2020 election was stolen. I should say, rather, that event sealed the deal. I know people who have plans for years to come, as if this country has not been hijacked, as if, “well, okay, so they got by with it this one time, but we will get it ironed out, because this is America!” 

Denial isn’t going to stop the implosion. America, the land of the free, is no more. It was awesome while it lasted.

We still call it that, sure. But it’s an insult to the founders, and the soldiers who fought to gain and preserve the vision and the actuality of the Constitutional Republic of America.

Obama’s second term came about the same way Joe Biden’s “presidency” did, if not also his first, and I am convinced he is still playing a big role.

It is all very Wizard of Oz-ish if you think about it. The gig is up, do we really even need to know who is the ” man behind the curtain”? It doesn’t matter!

In case it isn’t clear, Covid and the “pandemic” status it was given, are not what the ” experts” are claiming them to be. The “overcrowded” hospitals, the stacked bodybags, those things were theatre, used to keep the nation’s collective eyes distracted by the proverbial left hand, while the right hand kicked off the Covid portion of the ” great culling” starting with the elderly in Nursing Homes. This is the Georgia Guidestones being implemented.

The more that comes out, the more I am sure that the whole reason for the “Pandemic”  was  the “vaccines”, not vice versa.   Pfizer’s CEO hasn’t taken it, from what I have read. Do you think Bill and Melinda have? How about Zuck? I think that Big Pharma is the weapons supplier, and Big tech is the enforcer. But even more chilling, really big tech, including cable news, are just a temporary patch, keeping people in line until they finish weeding out conservative resistors. Then the military will become the enforcer. Look at the National Guard situation in D.C. They were supposed to be temporary, but so was masking. They invented the pandemic to legitimize a mass vaccination they wanted to implement

People, however,  need to understand that powers and forces are in motion here, that are not of the human realm. The ” elites” are pursuing a delusion.  Scripture says the battle is not with flesh and blood, but principalities and powers which refers to a degree of temporary God-given authority in the spiritual realm. Why is it so easy to direct our anger at the people perceived to be causing this implosion? If we channeled that into prayer, believing God, we might have impeded the spiritual wickedness. For me, I can honestly say that sometimes I actually lade out that persoective of it. But it takes, well, frankly I am not sure what it woukd take to maintain that perspective, or if it is even possible, at least “humanly speaking”.

As a Christian, have you ever considered that the unexplained aspects of something like 9-11 may have been things operating from the spiritual realm?  The fallen angels have been around a very long time. They watched Creation take place. They know laws of physics, thermodynamics, things like what temperature melts steel.

I think it is possible that we underestimate the amount of satanic and demonic participation is involved in the catastrophic things that happen in our world (not discounting the evil of mankind’s fallen nature, humans are always the facilitators).  There  just are, and always have been some people who reach depths of evil most of us can’t even imagine. There was a time when God’s people served as light, dispelling the darkness, keeping it at bay, causing darkness to flee. But God can use even one little light. One tiny light in the darkest night, can dispel a lot of darkness.

Think of Sennacherib, the ruthless Assyrian king of Hezekiah’s day. He was a terror to the people of that region. Hezekiah got the victory, not by warfare, but fasting in sackcloth and ashes. I have, and do pray God would thwart the evil that has been planned against humanity, and not just in America, but who is actually in charge, here, anyway? For all we know, China! The rest of the world knows, better than most Americans, what is happening here, and how it turns out, and what it means for us, as well as for them.  Even people who consider themselves “woke” or “red-pilled” are being gaslighted. Those two things are just two sides of the same coin, only difference is one side appeals to the conservative mentality and the other to the progressive mentality.

Most of the people crossing our border are victims. They are desperate for hope, and have been promised all sorts of things that will not materialize, because the ones who arranged it, don’t care about them any more than they care about the citizens of America. Even ones who weren’t criminals in their home country, might be forced into a life of crime or something just as bad or even worse here than at home. Sure, they are being bussed out from the border to various places, essentially abandoned to figure things out for themselves, when they don’t even speak the language. The receiving towns may not have even known they were coming. I no longer believe this is about votes. It is about creating chaos, overloading the social systems, and pitting even more races against one another. They obviously have the means to create the votes out of thin air.  I realize this is not encouraging, but there comes a point when all the cards have to be put on the table, even if no one cares to look at them. One thing I have learned, when the voices around you cause you to feel anxious and pressured, you need to close those voices out, and get quiet with the Lord, and His Word until that feeling dissapates. The Holy Spirit doesn’t operate that way. That’s an unholy spirit, causing you to worry and fret.

The means of “culling” the human herd have been going on a long time. Chemtrails, GMO’s, radiation, pollution, now 5G, smart meters.

I am 56. Those in that age range, have you ever wondered why the couple of generations before us seem so much more robust, while our generation is more sickly? They lived through Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Chernoble, wars, the Great Depression. But a lot of them stayed vigorous into their 70, and even 90’s. Those born in the 40’s are making it to their 70s and some 80s. I think that there has been a deliberate effort to shorten lifespans. What does that mean for today’s 20-somethings? Well, millions of them are getting a Covid vaccine right now. Some nations have suspended them, while others, like Israel, are making them mandatory. America is headed the way of Israel. There are reputable people sounding the alarm, that this ” vaccine” is going to literally kill people. Some quickly, and what they describe of the other conditions that will develop and kill more slowly, makes me feel that those who die quickly are blessed, in comparison. Who knows what is true?

Scripture says when the pale horse rider is dispatched, 1/4 of the world’s population will die. Some claim the “vaccine” has a kill switch built in. By some mechanism, could they activate something remotely that would kill certain of the vaccinated? With nanobots, and directed energy capabilities, and other “secret” tech, that doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility any more.  1/4 of the world’s population was about 2.6 Billion some time about Mid November, of 2020. The NWO wants it under 5 Billion. That pale horse might represent the ones who have taken the vaccine. I think the days of gradual population reduction and stealth, are over.

The best thing Christians can do, other than obviously give the gospel to people, is to inform other Christians. Unchurched people are more aware of a lot of this than people who never stepped a foot in the church, and they are trying to make sense of it. The church has the explanation, as well as the reason, and the way to escape, but an all-out effort has a huge swath of Christiandem prophecy-illiterate, so the ones who study your Bibles, we have to inform the ones who don’t, plus warn the lost. But be ready for all kinds of possible reactions from churched folks, and make your mind up not to be deterred by them.  Just like giving the gospel, our job is to warn, not convince. Give the truth, facts, as much evidence as they ask for, but if they refuse to hear, your obligation is done. Jesus never begged. The disciples never groveled.

I write letters and emails. Completely non-confrontational. I have always been better at expressing things on paper than by speaking. There are people who like to say if you want to evangelize, “you gotta ask for the sale”. In other words, after telling them the gospel, you need to ask them if they want to receive the salvation you just told them about. Maybe there are some who God leads to do it that way, but I have never been moved to do that. That moment is very much like weddings and births. Profoundly personal. Not necessarily private, but be careful not to inject yourself into the mix when the Holy Spirit is dealing with someone. Stay out of the way, or you may inadvertantly aid the other team. I have grown very leary of offers to recite a prayer and instructing a person to repeat after someone. Maybe that is appropriate with children, especially if they didn’t grow up in church, or been taught about prayer. If you give the actual gospel, you will be speaking scripture. The scripture itself is what holds power to convert the soul. The power is in the scripture, spoken out loud. Faith comes by hearing. The transaction occurs when the person hears the gospel and believes it. Praying “a sinner’s prayer” is a manmade tradition. Maybe there is nothing really wrong with that, per se, but people will do what they feel they are “supposed to” do just to end an uncomfortable moment. In our compulsion to “lead” a person to salvation, I think we probably get over into the Holy Spirit’s “lane” out of feeling a need to not let there be a gap of silence in the exchange. Yet allowing that silence is deference to the Holy Spirit, and taking yourself out of the way.

The stuff of life on planet earth never held much appeal for me. I don’t say that to make myself sound virtuous, there are plenty of other things that can become our focus, and distract us from the Lord and lead to getting lax in our walk. For me, other relationships can easily become a priority, especially when there is a problem in a relationship. I have had to examine that many times over my life, and it can take different forms, and all of them may be well-meaning. For instance, it is possible to devote time to a friend or neighbor in your circle, who has a legitimate need, but who invariably cycles through a certain pattern with everybody she meets, taking advantage of their compassion because she has her identity wrapped up in victimhood. Satan can really wreak havoc through a person like that, and particularly compassionate people are the most susceptible to them. That kind of thing is weariness to me. I have been waylaid by that scheme a few times. Satan is wily enough to switch it up enough that I often don’t recognize it as the same thing until damage is done. Being wise as serpents, but harmless as doves doesn’t happen by accident. Vigilence is required, but humans can only sustain vigilence continuously for a limited amount of time. It will be very different in the new atmosphere, new economy of complete redemtion, when we shed the sinful flesh, and are finally in resurrection bodies. I can’t come up with a single thing pertaining to this life, that I can imagine I would even remotely miss when I leave this realm. This world and all it’s problems will be a distant, vague memory, if we remember it at all. “Resurrection Sunday is coming”.  Maranatha!


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