So much wrong, but it’ll be allright!

I did not watch any of the Chauvin trial while it was live. The outcome was decided before it even started, and what juror in this age of doxing, is going to be the hold-out?  I was not there when Floyd died, all any of us had to go on at the time was video, selectively edited, and chosen from all the bodycam footage. It is sad, and that’s just where America is now. Extortion, threats, not due processs, decides someone is guilty to further their narrative.

The world is sinking into new depths of evil and depravity.

This was just posted, regarding the Pope on Protestia.

Yesterday, I saw where Satanists someplace were suing the government for their “religious right to sacrifice babies” through abortion.

My husband and I sat in the back yard with a fire in the firepit and enjoyed the outdoors in peace. Is it like that where you are? It’s strange to read and hear news, and know those things are happening, and yet sit in our yard, while kids ride their bikes and everything feels so normal. I am so thankful to be able to say that, because it could evaporate at any moment. Madness has possessed most of the people that are in government leadership positions in America, and war looms. It’s been interesting going one by one through my 6,000+ posts, (have checked about 800 so far, I think) and see all the effort that was being made by so many people, to warn where this was heading. God has allowed those who hate him, and us, to go the way they want to take America, so they will disciver the ultimate end of their plotting.

I don’t really want to witness any more of this, but watching is my job, so, I stand upon my watch, to see what comes, until He removes us.

I thank all of those who have kept coming back, through all of my twists and turns, ebbing tides, and “drinking from a fire hydrant” periods. I had not looked at stats for years, but checked the other day, for the blogs all-time numbers. It has been read in every single nation and territory on the map, except antarctica. Individual hits, (clicks onto any post or page) is now above a half a million at 501,804. I don’t know how many shares, by readers, but I know some of the means, which have included over the decade, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon, re-blogs within Facebook, and other platforms that I have heard of but am not very familiar with them personally. I didn’t pay attention to numbers other than at the start when getting established, requires monitoring stats, and working to have a network. I am humbled by the many other brothers and sisters who do this each contributing from their unique vantage point in the world, and the diversity of backgrounds and nationalities I have been able to interact with.

I believe our pilgrimage is getting near the end, however, God is the only one who really knows. I have been surprised to realize just how many of the blogs I have benefitted from over these years, were closed down over those years. Some left intact, just no longer posting, and some that were deleted. I guess some of those may have expanded to bigger platforms, or other changes, like name change, that would mean they didn’t just disappear. There have been a couple of thousand consistant followers over time, some not reflected in the WordPress stats because they followed when there was a page for Servehiminthewaiting on Facebook, Twitter, and even various aggregators and readers apart from WordPresses reader. You never know really, how far the reach might be at any given time, but it’s been really neat to see how God wove together this network of Christian bloggers, podcasts, and websites, because it’s the church, being the church. A body, we orking for the same purpose, you meet one, have some interaction for a time, we all come and go, doing what we do, and encountering one another different places in cyberspace. Some folks you get to know a bit, others post something the Holy Spirit knew you needed to hear or read at that exact moment. Impacting one another, supporting, encouraging. Despite the high degree of sniping and incivility that seems endemic to the comment sections, even on Christian sites these days, there are the several who are really in it for the right reasons, and who humbly and without fanfare, go about their service to the Lord, and neither take, nor give any bait that could entangle someone. It wouldn’t be fair to name those humble brothers and sisters that provide the frame, or skeleton if you will, that the watchman ministry at large hangs on. The ones who were wide awake 3 decades ago, already working, sounding the alarm. Veterans. Many of them are pretty well known, but I always have found them to be the most humble and gracious as well. If I can manage to follow their example at all, I will be happy. I want to say they know who they are, but actually, they probably don’t, because t hff at’s not what they are about, not why they do what they do, in fact they aren’t interested in any part of it being “about” themselves. It’s about their God and Savior, and winning souls, and spending themselves for Jesus.

No one knows the prayer warriors either. Who quietly answer the call of the Holy Spirit to uphold this one, or that one. People so close to the Lord, so in tune with His Spirit, that God can tap any one of them and get them praying any time, any place. What God has created, and His plans, are amazing, and we hardly know a scintilla of them. So much to discover and learn when we finally are redeemed in full, when this flesh falls away and we are clothed in glory with Christ. It is a very exciting moment in the grand saga of history of God’s works, and the eternity that awaits. People can get excited about many things. Graduation, starting a new job, getting promoted, starting a family. We should contemplate what is coming for those who Love Him and are hidden in Christ. It’s almost more than a person can bare to even anticipate in the abstract, so I can’t imagine when that shift happens, how we will even be able to bear it. We will, though. God doesn’t make plans that fail. I can’t understand how I get to be one of His adopted. It all rests in His love, His goodness, His nature. I have nothing in me to commend me to Him but the blood of Jesus. We can’t imagine. Not even close. The cares of this life are dissapating even now as we wait.  Maranatha!


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