I want off this ride!

Can someone please explain to me how it makes any sense whatsoever for any doctor not to listen when a patient comes in for their appointment and is trying to articulate why they are there?  Why do they talk over the patient, ask questions that they don’t even wait for you to respond to, and sometimes even write things in the chart that you didn’t even say?  Why do some doctors not even see the patient as an autonomous entity.  Don’t they realize that we come for their knowledge and opinion yes, but in America we have an actual patient bill of rights and the ultimate decisions are ours to make, and we aren’t there to be dictated to?

I don’t  know about you, but I don’t come to the doctor because I love being there.  It would seem to me that  doctors would recognize the value of just letting the patient talk a little.

It would be nice if they looked at you as a person, a whole person, not just the slice that pertains to their particular field of expertise. Why do they not seem to realize that even though you might be there to see about a bad knee, that bad knee doesn’t operate and exist independently from the other parts, and some of those other parts and systems have their own problems, but you are only one person and all of those things factor in and take a toll on your energy and inner resources. I may as well have stayed home, and she could have gone into that room and pretended to see me, for all that appointment accomplished.

Here’s a thought, you’re talking to a patient, you see their facial expression change, a, disengagement, and slow closing of the eyes, and taking of a deep breath,  You’re not going to slow your roll and maybe walk it back a step, and ask if  perhaps you misunderstood or something? 

Yesterday’s appointment didn’t go well. Can you tell?

I would love to have zero necessity of doctors in my life. 

I might have weathered  it better yesterday if it weren’t for the fact that at every turn, there is someone  trying to quash people’s autonomy, and who thinks we are too stupid to be “allowed” to decide what is good for ourselves and what isn’t. The arrogance is astounding and if it’s not arrogance, I don’t know what it is. I just don’t believe anyone could possibly be that incognizant.

 I don’t even know how she managed to misconstrue so much. Off the rails, over the trestle, into the ravine.

We are living in crazy town. It’s like 90 percent of humanity hit their head and suffered a traumatic brain injury. 


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