We will find out how common UFO sightings are in about 3-4 weeks

Screengrab techgamingreport.com

(Just in time for setting up the narrative to explain the impending disappearances!–STL)

Via Olivetreeviews.org/headlines

The report, expected to be released sometime in June, was mandated as part of last year’s $2.3 trillion appropriations bill signed into law by former President Trump. Under the obscure provision, U.S. intelligence agencies along with the Pentagon were required to disclose all information on UFOs to the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services Committees within 180 days.

See also Techgamingreport.com article on how to access and download the data collected by the CIA about UFO encounters and sightings.

One thought on “We will find out how common UFO sightings are in about 3-4 weeks

  1. They will ask, “Where have they gone?” And the world’s religious leaders will say, “The many alien ships have removed them because they were a blight to Mother Earth and our godlike evolution.” And They(those left) will believe.


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