Living neck-deep in stupid

I am having one of those times when I don’t know if I can keep doing this. The SQ (stupidity quotient) keeps getting deeper and the gap keeps getting wider between the deluded folk and reality.

Case in point:

California Democrat and top Gun Control Advocate thought BB gun packaging held semi-automatic pistol

Meanwhile, AOC is in therapyMeanwhile, AOC is in therapy for the PTSD she developed in the “war” that took place January 6th. First they called it “riots”, then it was an “invasion”, then an “insurrection” and now it was an actual “war”. Fish tales always get bigger with each re-telling.  The only war is the war of the left upon patriots with the thousands of arrests, some of which were attenders to the rally who never went within 300 ft of the Capital building. By the way, several of those who were arrested for the Capital “riots” are still in jail, but Biden just released three terrorists from GITMO  There are 7 federal charges against the “Viking Shaman” alone!

The Nuremburg Code prohibits coersion of citizens to participate in an experimental drug trial because there is no possible way for them to do so with informed consent, yet many employers and colleges, are doing just that!

Now the Thought Police want to prosecute general ridicule.

I don’t agree with everything McArthur believes, but this is a fitting antidote to the infection of stupidity.

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