Deadly political agenda is masking an eternally deadly spiritual agenda

Hydroxychloroquine with zinc and z-pack cures 98%-200% of the China Virus. It’s what cured Trump, but Trump didn’t make that protocol available by executive order. Instead, he issued an executive order fast-tracking vaccines. I personally can’t understand why Trump’s “followers” give him a total pass on that. We know Obama did more EO’s than any president, yet Trump acted as if his hands were tied on this, as well as other things he didn’t accomplish. I think people are so desperate for hope in the face of this Marxist revolution that they can’t afford psychologically to face that fact. Trump is to his supporters what Obama was to his supporters. When you have such a stark divide, there is no way for an administration to act in a way that pacifies both extremes. It has to be done separately.

I am not as enthused about a Trump second term. The whole of government function has become a matter of which political move will make which political figure richer. The state is forgotten.  Constitutions and Charters are forgotten, thus proving one more time that man cannot successfuly govern and not eventually result in bringing diwn condemnation for sin, because no government can overcome the sin nature.

The answer is not to be found in politics, nor indeed even in this world. The answer is a person and that person is Jesus Christ. Do you know him? Have you had your sin washed away and been redeemed?

This world looks like it is in real trouble because it is. That’s not pessimism, it’s fact. Not only is America a fast-sinking ship, but so is the rest of the world.

God’s Word says that the presence of followers of Christ is the only thing holding back the tide of evil, because His Holy Spirit resides in the born again, blood-bought Christian.

But The Holy Bible also says God will very suddenly remove all of the Christians one day, and there will be no restraint whatsoever in the evil men will do.

God created this world and it belongs to Him and He is able to do whatever He sees fit. He is just, and cannot tolerate the rebellion and disobedience of man indefinitely. Just as the knowledge of true history and Constitutional republic were not passed on to current generations, the History and prophecy contained in scripture were not passed on to current generations.

God said the evil store up wrath against themselves every day, and one day the “cup” of God’s wrath will overflow.

Whether a person believes this or doesn’t it will come to pass. God cannot lie. What He says, He does. Man got impatient and tired IU f waiting for the promised Messiah for over 4000 years, but He came, though few even noticed and now it’s been over another 2000 since He died on the cross and resurrected from the dead to buy our redemption by enduring our punishment, then ascend into heaven. Once again people grew weary in watching and waiting to the point very few are still watching and waiting today and I expect few might notice the warning and proof of things to come, when every Christian is taken from Earth. The chaos, violence, suffering and horrific oppression will convince some to consider the truth of Bible Prophecy, but not many. If you have wavered on the fence, convicted of your need to be saved, now is the time to do that. This could be your very last warning.

COVID early-treatment doc: Politicians are guilty of mass murder



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