A Morning Prayer

Gracious Father, we need You every minute. You reconciled us to Yourself by Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection so that all who believe on Him would not perish, but have everlasting life.

If we don’t keep in mind that you will avenge all unrepentant sin, we could so easily become discouraged by what we see. The unbelieving world, those who once knew the truth but wanted no part in Your offer of salvation, seem to have largely been given over to reprobate minds. They speak lies and believe their own lies.  They would have been considered mentally ill as recently as fifteen years ago, maybe even less. Yet they label us as the ones not mentally right, and as evil.

Teach us how to live today in this world as it is in this moment.

Only You know how far things will go before You remove Your church. We believe You will enable us to endure whatever may come before then, because You promised, and we have the example of the Apostles and martyrs. No one wants to think about facing such things, but in the current state of the world and powers, it is not unthinkable, but help us not dwell on that possibility. You have always been faithful to meet the needs of Your people, and sometimes what we need is not easy to receive or endure, but faithful are the wounds of a Friend. You use evil intent of our enemies to refine our faith.

You warned us in the writing of Matthew that Your church would come under attack, but that the gates of hell will not prevail against us. No one has or ever will suffer more than Christ did for the sake of the body.

History holds that Andrew, Jude and Peter were crucified, Paul was beheaded, Thomas beaten, speared, then thrown into a flaming oven.

For over 800 years, the Catholic Papal system persecuted, mutilated and  murdered multiple thousands of true followers of Christ. All over the world haters of God and of Christ tortured and killed those bringing the gospel, and those just living a quiet, peacable life submitted to You.

You never leave us. You do not abandon us in those excruciating moments of life. You bore our sin on the cross, and you do and will bear our suffering with and for us during those times.

Give us unwavering faith, Lord, fill us full with Your Spirit. Give us boldness to warn and boldness to tell people the singular way to escape the pending outpouring of the cup of Your wrath in the day of Your vengeance. Help us remember no matter what governments do, no matter what rich and powerful lovers of mammon do, vengeance belongs to You and You will reconcile all things. We fall so short of what You deserve of us. Yet we know that You are He that began a good work in us, and it will be You who will complete that work in us.

We lift up the remnant of those remaining faithful pastors, and we marvel at the miracle, just as with the loaves and fish, of how you are taking the obedience of those few, and by various means enabling them and their local church bodies to minister to Christians all over the globe whose local churches have become apostate or Ichabod, and minister to those sheep who would be without shepherds otherwise. Fellowship via chats and forums enables isolated believers to edify others of the body, and have fellowship.

We long for Your appearing. We long to see Your Kingdom and will on Earth. We yearn for the day faith becomes sight.

We are in a dark night, and weeping endures for the night, but oh the joy that will come with morning, when aged worn out bodies change to perfectly functioning glorified ones, when  pain and sorrow cease. No more crying. No more disappointment.

Forgive Your people for loving the world, for not knowing Your will because we drifted so far from Your Holy Word. Can there be forgiveness for the slaughter of babies by the millions? You have known the end, from the beginning, You know our nature, our rebellious hearts, our often  faithlessness, but died to redeem us anyway.

Thank You for Your love and mercy. We pray Your will be done in us, in our lives, in our governments and nations. We pray the evil intent of so many, will be thwarted or turned to glorification of You, God.  We pray Christ be lifted up, that He may draw all men unto Him, and that laborers would rise to glean the fields that are white unto harvest.

Start with me. Purify my heart, my thoughts, my words, my attitudes. Make me what You want me to be. Instead of my asking You to show me what I need to work on in myself, I yield myself to You. Do to and with me whatever it is Your will to do, whatever will result in salvation of lost souls and edification and encouragement of others who desire to be in Your will. For the sake of the lost, yes. For the sake of the Kingdom, yes. But most of all, because Jesus suffered for the sins of the whole world and as a beneficiary of that gift, I owe You nothing less than that.  The whole sum of what I can offer is not much.  I’m run down and worn out, and weary. But little is much when yielded to You in faith.

The whole world is in uncharted territory. Give us discernment and wisdom. We all have Earth-bound things to consider and manage as long as we remain here, occupying the places where You have us. Sometimes it is hard to maintain spiritual perspective. Medical conditions, financial strain, job stuff, looming decisions, ministry, family, friendships the “stuff of life”. Teach us how to bring all of it into subjection to You, and as matters of prayer when we meet with You. Teach us effectual, fervant importune prayer. Not the definition, not the mystery of how it works,  faith being the substance of hoped-for things and evidence of unseen things, but rather teach us prayer in the sense a dad teaches his kid to ride a bike. It is supernatural, but it also should be habitual and natural to your people, not just natural but autonomic, like breathing and heartbeat.

Thank You Lord, for hearing our prayers, offered in Jesus’ name.

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