America needs to get over herself and Christians need to get over America!

The American House of Representatives have called for labeling Jewish Judea and Samaria illegal. Who do we think we are?

In the 90’s I lamented the move toward consolidation of things, a piling together of different things under one roof, (e.g. WalMart), while churches started being run like corporations, and even branching out into multiple “campuses”.  I knew these trends weren’t good, but they were just early signs of the current state of things today. Progress!  Economic power and control is in the hands of fewer and fewer, making that few very powerful. The trend to consolidate power will not stop until there is one man ruling the world.

America is leading the way!

Shopping became consolidated via Wal-Mart. Why go to the grocery store, the hardware store, the electronics place and the pharmacy when you can get it all in one place? Next thing you know, Wal-Mart and the government, via  FEMA have some sort of  mutual deal. Not sure what Wal-Mart got out of it? Well, who stayed open during the shut downs?  Big tech and Big Pharma get “threatened” by congress to be broken up like Ma Bell, but congress benefits too much by the current arrangement, so it’s just lip service. There have always been those among us who are self-serving, but now it is getting to be truly universally “every man for himself”.

In America we used to be able to count on there being codes and standards, like building codes, like purity standards for food, for drinking water, and safety and efficacy standards for medicines. There used to be some pretense of fairness in business practices. We had it so together, we went around the rest of the world trying to show them how to do it. While “ambassadors” from here, went to the other countries, they discovered all kinds of opportunities to enrich themselves. One day we wake up and realize termites have eaten up everything stable we ever had.

We look around for somewhere to place the blame. Politicians? The super-wealthy? The left. The right.

You come to a point you realize it is all a house of cards, and start wondering how far back things have not been as they seemed. Answer: How long ago did Satan show up in the garden?.

Many of the parents of kids that went to school around the same years as mine, now have shared with one another the various ways that our kid’s generation have been taken captive by the culture.

When we were their age, we each  had our own  generation’s version of things that became normalized that our parents considered unthinkable and didn’t even realize were happening.

God doesn’t change His definitions, terms, or standards, but the further any culture moves from God’s original design, intent, and law, subsequent generations, in ignorance, succumb to the idea those forbidden things are acceptable, even to God!

History proves that every culture that ever embraced homosexuality, ceased to exist within a couple generations soon after. We aren’t sinners because  we sin. We sin because we are infected with the sin  condition. That condition ends in destruction and death. Always. It is the generation that knew better, but who let the bar get lower on their watch, that bears the most responsibility. It doesn’t matter why. Did we have it too good, and were too busy enjoying life? Were we distracted by our own overwhelming struggles, lacking faith that God is over it all, and ultimately held it all in His hand? I don’t think those will be valid excuses before God  I am comforted that the Old Testament account shows God doesn’t hold the previous generation’s failures against the younger generation, but don’t get too excited, because each generation has failures and rebellions of their own. Nothing new under the sun. That Bible got it right!

Yeah, it’s sad witnessing the crumbling of America. Buildings, roads, businesses, law and order, family, church, marriage, basic human decency and compassion. People are attacking utter strangers. The only way that makes any sense at all to me, is that these people have been given over to the basest part of the sin nature to it’s full potency. Yesterday I saw security footage of a 30-something year-old man punching an 8 year old and a five year old in what looked like a Wal-Mart store. But that kind of thing is becoming so commonplace now that it doesn’t even faze people. Why is it like this in America now? Anthropologists like to talk about the collective memory of societies, but current American society likes to pretend there never was a foundation of faith in and obedience to God for this nation. However, those who do acknowledge that founding, need to get real about how long ago that was. This didn’t just happen.

I’m not trying to sound righteous. With every passing day and week, everything that American life consists of is changing, shifting, shrinking, and in too many cases, disappearing altogether. It is truly tragic.  I don’t have any solutions to suggest for fixing any of it. Mostly, I have read my Bible and know where it is all headed, and that we will never go back.  There isn’t any hope to be found in America’s history and past record. Nothing and no one can rest on their laurels. It’s nostalgic to look back at what America once stood for, but the fact is, it’s getting to be so far in the distant past now that it’s ridiculous for us to be woolgathering, much less taking any credit.

We know how to write about it. We know how to lament. We know how to make movies and documentaries depicting the former glory, but no one seems to know what to do about any of it. No one knows how to stop the train wreck that we are watching. Our interest should not lie in recouping what we have lost. We need to become honest with ourselves about why we have lost it. We lost it because the God so many like to pretend doesn’t exist, actually does exist, and because actions have consequences.  The God so many like to pretend has no power over them, actually has all power over them. The power to withdraw the blessings. The power to reduce us to a third world status.

If there is a God, well that means Gerry Nadler is a fool for saying “the will of God is of no concern of this Congress”. It means those protestors who chanted “f##k your Jesus” might have reason to be concerned. It means the pro-abortionist who painted her sign to say “if Mary had had an abortion we wouldn’t have been in this mess” has blasphemed God. If God is real, we are going to answer to Him. They are going to answer to Him, and well, we can’t have that! They don’t “feel” that they will answer to God, and so, to their mind, they won’t. That’s called delusion.

Funny thing, see?  Facts don’t care whether you believe in them or not. They just are.

People who say they don’t believe in God, and those who defy Him, you know, the ones running America and the rest of the world now, they have much worse problems than anything they plan on dishing out to you and me. I have to remind myself of that fact sometimes, because it is so easy to get upset about what if feels like they are bringing down on our heads, and what they are “taking away from us”. We have nothing that was not given to us. None of us living today made America great to begin with.  As much as Americans have to lose, what about the rest of the world? We have squandered blessings they never even had!

Perspective. Is the dress gold and black or is it white and blue? If you go back and look at those photos from 2016 you can see it one way, and if you stare at it long enough you can also see it the other way, the same photo!! Why is that? How is it possible? It has to do with the perception of the lighting conditions under which you are viewing it. Is it in shadow? White can seem blue in shadow. It’s fascinating.

What we see, what we perceive, has a lot to do with influences. That is why one generation knows homosexuality is a sin, and the next one doesn’t. Less light by the time that later generation comes along. We are supposed to be salt and light, but the definition of “influencer” today refers to people on Tic-Tock and other Social Media. Something always comes along and fills a void.

Do you think that the Mandela Effect, and the resurgence of  the Flat Earth stuff just happened? Is it a test that was launched to measure the readiness of society for operation Covid-19? To measure the level of gullibility of the masses? You know, I was inclined to think that, but frankly, that is probably giving the “elites” or PTB too much credit. God keeps meticulous records. His dispensations were devised to prove specific things to mankind about ourselves, and I can just imagine some point in the future when He judges and reconciles all things, what role some of those phenomena might play when evidence is laid out in His court. I imagine Him removing the scales and showing people just how stupid and ignorant and foolish we actually are when left to our own devices. It will all be clear one day.

Sure, certain things we witness in these unprecedented crazy times we live in, can stick in the ole craw. They can start to eat at you. Next thing you know, you are simmering and seething. When you are feeling that way,  step back,  blink a few times, let your eyes go soft and fuzzy, and then focus again. You might be surprised to see a very different picture. Maybe you can even almost see it from God’s perspective.

As one of His redeemed, why should these things have any power to eat at us? They are earthy. They are profane. We are able to perceive the Holy, and differentiate it from the profane, but how often do we do so? This close to the end of this dispensation, we need to start getting used to the fact we are transitioning and are soon to be separated fully from this world.

We belong to a generation that is uniquely privileged to be born to this momentous time. We are the beneficiaries of an inheritance Jesus bought for us. This is a culmination.

In the overall scheme of things, America is of relatively little consequence. America’s time has come and gone. Not to be all negative and stuff, but we waste too much time trying to preserve what is already lost and neglect to even try and preserve that which is still salvageable: People.

We lost the greatness that was America, but we still have what made America great. The gospel. The Bible. Christ Himself.  John 8:34-36 Verily verily I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin. And the servant abideth not in the house for ever; but the Son abideth forever. If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

4 thoughts on “America needs to get over herself and Christians need to get over America!

  1. I’ve been mourning for a very long time. I could feel a shift in the 90s, but was too young to understand or explain what I felt. I just knew that things were going to be different for my generation.

    When Obama was elected, even though I had never been political I saw the ramifications, and I remember weeping to the depths of my soul. My friends and extended family celebrated his inauguration while I could not stomach hearing his voice. What and who he represents is pure evil. Now I’ve come to understand just how far back America’s evil leaders began the dismantling of our foundations.

    It has been a long time coming. God has been so patient with us by restraining what has been all around us the whole time. We are now aware of more and I suspect that we could not handle the full spectrum of Satan’s evil deeds. I trust none of our government and less than a handful of our pastors. God help us all.

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    • And still, the same Professing Christians we can’t talk to about any of this, remain in willful denial, and now are pressuring folks like us to toe the line. We can’t return to ignorance once our eyes are opened.

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