12-Year-Old Levi Floyd Had No Pulse Until His Sister Started Singing A Worship Song

This will bless you! I believe there is more power in praising God than any of us ever realize. When King Jehoshaphat and Judah faced the children of Ammon and Moab and Mt Seir they put the choir at the front to sing praise to God because He had told them the battle was not theirs, it was His and that they would prevail, and they believed Him. Their singing added action to their faith.  Praising God puts things into their proper order, acknowledging His holiness, authority, power and love. It’s not a magic wand, don’t get me wrong, but God said to ask believing. If you ask not believing, it’s the same as not asking. I imagine the faith of this young boy’s sister was very pleasing to God. Imagine the witness it must have been to the two nurses who jumped in to help! –STL

The Floyd’s always plan an annual getaway around the 4th of July at the beach, but this time they almost lost their 12-year-old son who was found floating lifeless in the water. “In a second, I planned the whole rest of my life without him. I’ve never known a second…

Source: 12-Year-Old Levi Floyd Had No Pulse Until His Sister Started Singing A Worship Song

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