Trauma by news

Wow. I am stunned. It seems to me as if the puppeteer behind Biden may be Xi Jinping himself. We know Biden isn’t in charge, but this stunt in Afghanistan, couldn’t have been worse for all involved had America’s worst enemy orchestrated it. He is giving 30,000 Afghanis priority in evacuation over the American interpreters and American embassy workers and their families. What? Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who bragged about her part in the decision, are enemies of the state. This is exactly in lockstep with the Marxist color revolution taking place. Ramp up the chaos, then create an illusion that things are calming down and getting to a semblence of normal. Then hit the population with the next, bigger catastrophe, just as they had begun to relax their guard.

The occupier of the oval office is fine with leaving Americans in Afghanistan, and probably plans to give the refugees voting rights along with the ones crossing the border.

New territory once again, here in America. At some point in the near future, there will be major events affecting entire regions, as huge as this, every week. The fact that the Taliban is allowing for the moment, a “peaceful” takeover and allowing evacuations, is 1)not going to stick long, 2) it’s not that they aren’t slaughtering people already, but apparently they have agreed to at least refrain from doing so in front of the camaras.

The President Ashraf Ghani stuffed a chopper with cash, and fled the country on Sunday. What a noble guy! Do you think our governmental reps would stick around if America fell under an all-out attack? If you do, you’re lying to yourself. They would all leave the facility keys on the oval office desk on the way out.

Biden’s installment has emboldened our enemies and this indolent reaction on the part of Biden, the DOD and State Department has made a mockery of our military, placed Israel in even greater peril, endangered the supply chain for oil, and even some  folks on the left are furious!

My major concern, as I said yesterday, this sets us up for a new 9-11. It’s like time got away from someone in Joe’s circle of handlers and they realized the 20th anniversary of 9-11 was only a month away, and decided at 2a.m.on Saturday to throw a grenade into the works. Considering the Iran “negotiations” what did the Bidens et al, stand to gain for facilitating this colossal mess upon the reputation of America? Now, 9-11 may end up being the perfect day to strike here again. I think the chaos is only just getting started in America. The recent Homeland security bulletins seem to address a raised terror threat, as well as adding vax-resisters to the definition of domestic threats.

It’s hard to witness this, but we knew America would be “incapacitated” in order for a global government to rise. We aren’t there yet, but it wouldn’t take much more effort or time for the haters of America, within and outside our borders to strike a crippling blow, if God allows. This is the time to trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. The coming weeks will take us wherever it takes us, but if we acknowledge Him in all our ways, He will direct our path. God is greater than any threat, and we are hidden in Him in Christ.



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