I think I can relate to the sackcloth and ashes now

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How are you all holding up? It feels like somebody picked us up and deposited us into a theatrical production already in progress, and the actors are trying to pretend we aren’t there because “the show must go on!” Surreal.

But it’s only getting started. I have to fight the natural anger that I feel every time another injustice takes place. I have to remind myself it is all a fulfillment of things God warned us about. The recording I shared yesterday was crushing. Even though I have been trying to post positive things so we can remember to occasionally smile, nothing can really distract us from what is taking place. As more natural disasters occur, there will eventually be no funds provided to help citizens whose homes and businesses are destroyed.

The elites will keep finding desperate people to exploit. Food shortages are already happening on a relatively small scale across the world. The supply chain has been hit by the covid mandates. But drought and record rains, fires, locusts, freak cold snaps, have already diminished the crops of the past year, which were meant to fill our grocery store shelves right now, into fall and winter.

Economically, we all know there is a catastrophic crash coming. Prophecytracker.org has a good article on that. The 1% and Revelation: “Do Not Touch the Oil and the Wine.”

Right now, the Christians, and peaceful Afghans in Afghanistan need our prayers. If you don’t know exactly what they are facing, and don’t understand why they are so desperate and terrified, read this by Joel Rosenberg.

What drives me crazy are the people who ask, in reference to the moves that are being made by the Obiden administration; “what was he thinking?” Or “how can anyone be so stupid?” This is not madness nor is it stupidity. It is something much worse. It was calculated to go exactly as it did. There is absolutely no way they did not know what they were going to bring about. This is one more time the globalists gave us a tiny peek of their true hatred for us. Us being people who just want peace and freedom to worship and live our lives according to our own principles, particularly Americans.

Isn’t it strange listening to so many white people lecture the populace on the evils of whiteness as if they themselves were not white? Half of them are that way because they’ve been taught not to think. The other half are that way because they do think, but the elites are paying them well and have flattered them and made promises to them which they don’t intend to keep. The proverbial “double cross” that anyone who ever watched a good vs evil movie should recognize, is coming to their door too.

Yes, I get mad, but then I remember the way it will end for those evildoing people. If we feel righteous indignation, imagine the force of fury when God expresses His wrath over this world, for millions of innocent lives taken in clinics all over America and the rest of the world, for the trafficking, for the schemes that rob decent hard working people and enrich the already wealthy even more. For experiments done on people against their will and without their knowledge.

Is it only Tuesday? And yet, where has August gone?

I learned something yesterday that I never knew about Haiti. It was told by a man who grew up in Haiti with missionary parents and then served as a missionary there himself for a number of years. He said that way back in their history they were a colony of France, and one of the richest and most beautiful places in that part of the world. The official religion of Haiti was, and to some extent still is voodoo. Apparently  voodoo priests dedicated their government to satan for the next 200 years in a voodoo ritual asking satan to deliver them from the oppressive French.  That puts the seeming never-ending troubles of Haiti in a different light.

The Taliban are brutal, bloodthirsty and likely possessed of many evil spirits. I know that Afghanistan has suffered oppression and occupation by many different radical groups as well as “protectors” like the U.S. Biden is lying when he says there aren’t any credible reports of American individuals being attacked. There are videos all over the internet. One man lost his entire family. His wife was killed, and his 11 year old daughter was taken by the Taliban and will no doubt suffer things much worse than death.

Some of our retired combat vets are actually forming teams and going over there to get people out who they know personally and befriended while serving with them over there. Our cmChef of Staff and top military brass knew good and well what would happen, and pulled the plug abruptly anyway.

Remember Obama’s apology tour? His whole first year in office was spent hopping to muslim nations and vowing to make deals with the despots and tyrants running those nations, or the ones who wanted back in power. Obama hates Israel. Remember when Bibi came to meet with him, and he was brought in a back door and left waiting an hour and a half or more? Right now, with muslim Arabs in the Israeli government, traiter Joe in ours, and, oh yeah, I seem to recall Obama being chummy with leaders in Russia, caught on hot mic asking for patience as he would have much more freedom in his second term. John Kerry was over in Iran making deals and plans as if the Obama admin was still in the Whitehouse.  Obama is not really having his third term right now, he is having his fourth. He was the one, via Valerie Jarrett who was running the show in all of the unprecidented opposition to everything Trump attempted to accomplish.

But to me, this is even more disturbing: Apparently Trump literally has a cabinet right now. Is he doing exactly what Obama did? The Proud boys subdued Antifa in a standoff on the West Coast this weekend. I want to say Oregon? The police stood down. As a matter of fact, police are joining militias in record number. And very quietly over the weekend the investigation into the ” Jan 6 insurrection” admitted there really wasn’t much to substantiate the claim of a planned assault that day. They also closed the investigation into the officer who killed Ashley Babbit. That sounds like a negotiation might have taken place. The election reform bills many states are passing and debating, the audits, and Mike Lindell’s symposium all seem to be having a squeeeze affect on the “subsume America” campaign.  But that’s nothing to celebrate. Things have been building toward a civil war for a long time in America, and there literally being two governments is just the precursor needed to then formulate an alternate military. Obama started trying to build one when in office, but for all the community organizing expertise of Obama and the Marxists, they don’t know much about military, so they are doing their best to transform the existing one.

Every day we hope for our deliverence from all this, but we also have to consider that we may have a ways to go yet and more harsh things that we will experience or witness. The longer we are here, the higher the likelihood of persecution, but so be it. God is God. We trust Him. He knows His business. We do have to push back against the encroaching evil and darkness, though. My prayer is that God gives us discernment about when, where, and how to push back, and peace and boldness in the face of the forces that come against us. We may have some difficult decisions to make, since the rule of law and our Constitution mean nothing to the “leader” half of this nation wanted, (and a number of them no doubt regret), nor to our Supreme Court.

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