What is the “right thing”?

I might lose readers with this one, but that’s ok. Before this past week’s surrender to terrorists, I might not have agreed with  Mr.Wilson’s blogpost linked below, but if any American doubts whether those folks in DC (with very few exceptions) care one iota about Americans, or anyone but themselves, you have purposely planted your head in the sand. Power and money, that’s all they care about. We only stand in their way, and isn’t that what we are supposed to do? Not bow down and submit to their evil?

I want you to consider some scriptures before you click the link to read the article. See Exodus 1: 15-21Joshua 2:5. These are the only two instances in scripture where, though not condoned, we see no indication of these being chastised for breaking a commandment. Then again, both statements may have contained some truth. There are ways to mislead without having to lie. For instance, you are asked “are you fully vaccinated?”

I don’t know about you, but I have had all my childhoid vaccinations, tetanus boosters, and a few flue vaccines. I would have no problem stating “yes” to such a vague/ nonspecific inquiry. What is being proposed in the article, is not that.

Here’s the piece. Comment below, would you do this? See my answer in comments as well.

A Biblical Defense of Fake Vaccination I.D.’s

“But overarching everything was the obvious and naked nature of the power play that is being run. The Biden regime has already floated the idea of restricting interstate travel for the unvaccinated, and how would you do that without “papers please’”

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