No bench sitters and no quitters

Guys, the speed with which things are developing is cranking up. Soon we will be getting hit with some huge new thing every day. Right now it is here and there, but there will start to be events that effect larger and larger swaths of the globe. We have no way of knowing if scenes from Australia and France aren’t being fed to us as deep fakes for generating fear while the powers-that-be could be portraying the same about America to scare the Australians and others. God wasn’t kidding about the deception. At the same time, God has a sense of humor and we are under no condemnation. He knows this is a stressful time, and I think some of the things we are now seeing the press do, like that ridiculous supposed “doctor walkout” in Fla, that entailed 30 white coats and the news dude interview with an actress whose scrub patch actually read ” Doctor”, (so she’s Dr Doctor), the nonsensible things Biden and others say, all of it I think can sometimes be God, just providing us some comic relief. Despite the tragedy, having a sense of humor can help so much. Ask any EMT or ER nurse.Don’t be afraid to laugh. It is a great stress-release. By the way, in Romans 1:21 that phrase “vain in their imaginations”, “vain” from the the Greek mataioō (transliterated)  “wicked and foolish”

And dialogismos meaning the capacity for reasoning.

Foolish is  asunetos which means “stupid”.

The concept amounts to “stupid in their ability to reason“.

So it actually isn’t that they think we are “that stupid”, the fact is, God has scrambled their minds. They literally have been rendered stupid themselves. A druggie high on flakka truly believes he can fly, so he jumps off a building. They are both evil and stupid. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. Evil and stupid is a very dangerous combination. Drunk driver, hello?

That said, just expect as things move forward, for things to be thrown at you, anything to get you to “lose it”, like a fender bender, lost credit card, coffee spilled on your clothes as you walk out the door, a snafu at the ATM, do you get what I am saying? Resolve to yourself and God that you will stop and pray as soon as you realize one of Satan’s booby-traps, even if it is after you lose your mind, cry, and scream. Better late than never. It is crucial we get under control of the Holy Spirit, because this is like week one of spin class, and if we don’t build faith muscles now, what will we do when the stakes are higher and involve threat of torture, separation from loved ones or betrayal  loved ones.

It’s already reached the all-hands-on-deck point. The spiritual battle is about to get extremely hot for anyone trying to live out your faith, I believe. Remember, obedience to God is safety. It keeps His umbrella over you, so to speak, and when we venture out by doing something we know we shouldn’t or by not doing something we should, we hand to the enemy a legal (spiritual law) and legitimate opportunity to trip us up. As the covid-enabled beast system gets closer to completion, we will be walking on a tightrope. The narrow way gets even narrower, so keep eyes up, on God, as you hear, and see with peripheral vision, the multiplying chaos. We have to remind one another. When my husband is freaking out, it’s my responsibility to gently remind him to trust and obey, and if it’s me freaking out, it’s his turn to redirect. Pray all the time. We all know what we ought to do, if you fail or falter, don’t give the enemy more of a victory by stewing in condemnation and false guilt. Confess to God, repent, and keep on keeping on.

Most people have experienced some protracted difficult trial, and have come to understand it does end eventually. If you somehow have dodged that thus far, ask some older Christians to share their testimonies of God’s faithfulness in getting them through their trials.

If you have a testimony you want to share, feel free to share using the form below.

If you have any news you think people need to know about, please also feel free to submit links using the form below.

You guys will never know how much your prayers and support have meant and still do mean to me, especially since I know the most consistent thing about me is that I am “all over the map”. (I warned ya, is what I did tho). Once in a while God uses me in spite of me, not because of anything I have to offer.

Hold tight to His hand. He will take care of you. God’s got this!

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