Evil has it’s day, but not for long

Most of us in the West really do not know how much evil is in this world, swirling all around us. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty that we are aware of, but the things uncovered during the period Trump was POTUS, and during this, post-Trump no-holds-barred-not-even-trying-to-hide-it flavor of ruthlessness  that we are experiencing now, and it is still shocking people! Myself incredulously included! We think nothing could possibly surprise us, then comes another sucker punch.

More is still coming to light about who was left behind to be tortured and slaughtered in Afghanistan.. I can’t understand it; they no longer hide it, yet they blatently lie and deny what they so obviously did!

I keep hearing this phrase, and it is appropriate: “what did you think the end times would be like?”

I hate to say this as much as you hate hearing it, but we could still have a while to endure. We could go any minute, but when we look at Australia, for instance, all it takes is someone narcissistic enough to do the same things here, and a lot can change in a week or month! I don’t think there is any doubt that Biden is a narcissist, and so are the ones who are “behind the curtain”. It could be a while, but I really don’t think it will be.

When people get dementia their basest nature sometimes comes to the forefront. This happens even in mild-mannered gentlemen and sweet little church ladies. They can get so insecure (there’s a part of them that comprehends that they are losing their mind), that they think everyone is a threat, and become combative, and may do stuff like cuss and hit. If anyone ever doubted JB the pretend prez was evil, you can stop wondering.

I am glad I can’t see into the spirit realm yet. I don’t want to, until that change comes, when we switch over to our incorruptable new bodies. There are many churches and individuals today who  try  to see into that realm. They want to.  I think most of them are seeing lying signs and wonders, because they want that “special ability” so badly, and like the blind and lost, God sometimes also gives the believer over to what they so badly want, after sending warnings, and they eventually suffer the consequences. It can really mess with your mind. Satan didn’t tempt Eve with roasted slugs, yuck! No, he chose an appealing fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Don’t assume that you would be “getting a caution” if what is drawing you is not of God. Humans are naturally curious, and it is exciting to think you have encountered something you had thus far been missing out on in your walk with Christ.  You will be hesitant at first, then you will think to yourself, “I will just observe for a while”. Listen, you don’t have to sit around watching blatently demonic horror movies to invite trouble. Satan is way more subtle than that! The more of your attention and fascination the evil captures, the easier and more likely you will be sucked further in, and not even realize it. Especially if you make claims to others about any dreams or visions you might have. By then you are invested. To be clear on what I mean, I think God sometimes will send a dream or warning that is personal,  such as a sudden urge to go a different route to work, that you later learn it probably prevented you being one of the cars in a big pile-up. I don’t think God sends messages in this day to certain people so they can, in turn convey His “message” to the rest of Christiandom. The ripping of the temple veil did away with us needing a middleman.  Eventually something negative will manifest in your life as a direct consequence of the curiosity that pulls you into the “special Revelation” bandwagon. Evil spirits are just like their leader. They are vain. If they can snag your attention, they already have found a toe hold. If you indulge your curious nature, you move a little further from the safety of obedience to God. You feel danger lurking, and instead of pulling back, you take it to mean you are making an impact.

What kind of things manifest? Depends how far you go in. Many people start to feel oppression. They think it’s just the devil, not wanting them to have “more spiritual power”, so they press on. Eventually things manifest such as anxiety, sickness, depression, financial struggles, strife with others, even falling victum to crime against you. Depending on what work the dalliance is keeping you from/ or how far across the line you have ventured, you may see entities.

I know this because I have experienced some of it, and what I haven’t experienced, I have watched happen to others.   Deception is everywhere.

Just as laws are designed to carry consequences in a society, there is also a principle of spiritual law, and like the law of physics, certain actions produce certain results. Obedience and conducting your life according to the scriptures, affords spiritual safety, keeps your spiritual eyesight strong and clear, and results in peace, while violating the Biblically prescribed way, opens a crack, a door or window into your life, through which Satan can “lawfully” wreak havoc, and it blurs your spiritual eyesight, and weakens your discernment. God will only leave you to it for so long. He will pull you out, but you will be disciplined. I was never happier than the day He pulled me out and disciplined me, for the same reason Kids thrive when there are set boundries.

God can send dreams, visions, and prophecies to anyone at any time He wants, and I am not saying He never does it today. But I don’t think He does much of that here in a nation that is as saturated in Bibles as America is, and has been blessed to the degree America has. He doesn’t need to. I believe the accounts may be true of it happening in places where having a Bible gets you killed, though. What man can’t or won’t do, God still gets it done. Man just misses out on an opportunity for blessing, and treasures in heaven that way.

Elijah never got a message from God and then had to fast and pray in order to determine if it actually was from God or not! Nor did Jeremiah. Joseph and Daniel fasted and prayed to understand the message, but never wondered if it was God who spoke. When God speaks, there is no question, and if you need confirmation, don’t look for it from another imperfect human. Look for it in scripture. No prophet in scripture consulted with any other man before delivering the message to whomever it was intended for. Today we have the dual witness of Old and New Testament. (That’s your two or three witnesses right there. You, the OT, and the NT).

Gideon (Judges 6) used the fleece to test God, but that is not an example to be followed, (Deuteronomy 6:16, Luke 4:12, Mtt 4:7). First off, Gideon already knew God’s will. The Angel of the Lord had told him, and had provided a sign when he burned up the meat and bread. The fleece was for a 2nd and 3rd confirmation. God was gracious about it, but in the New Testament, Paul taught that only a wicked generation require a sign, and the only one they would get would be the sign of Jonah. That had to do with 3 days and nights between His death and resurrection. The Jews got their sign but because they were outside of obedience, they didn’t even realize it!

I think there are enough signs happening around our globe today, as it is. Signs we can confirm by Scripture. The event in Afghanistan put that last member of Magog alliance into place for the invasion of Israel. The enemies of Israel are bolder than ever and Biden has equipped them well. “Wellness camps” have been implemented in Australia. They gave up their guns in 1998, and crime rates, including homicides and armed robberies, have gone up and up and up. In Victoria alone in the first year, homicides tripled. People are complying without doing any research of their own, to the injections and masks. They have accepted the lies, and to reverse course now would be humiliating.

One generation, like the Marxists have said, give them one generation and they will conquer a nation in 4 steps: demoralize, destabilize, crisis, normalize.

They demoralize the youth  by indoctrinating the colleges (and thus the teachers), then the schools into leftest mindset and values and to beliefs previously foreign to a nation’s traditions, like evolution and atheism.
Then Destabilize:

That is the “machinery, the human infrastructure that enables a city, state, or country to run :police, courts, healthcare, municipal heirarchy, exhorbitant taxes, destruction of agriculture, meat and dairy, disruption of supply chain for food and other necessities, corrupt voting  process and government, destruction of economy and job market, getting more and more to eat from the government trough.

Then Create a  Crisis.

….the solution to which facilitates the enacting of new, sweeping, never-seen “mandates”, “rules”, decrees that violate the charters and constitutions of nation under the guise of an “emergency”, stripping the rights of the people. (This one was the global “pandemic”, obviously).

Final step: Normalize.

Having stripped away so much of what once was normal, reinstate a greatly curtailed and tightly controlled version of “freedom” which can only be given to citizens who comply to a stringent set of requirements, while government reserves the “discernment” (using social credit scores?) to take them away again,  and punish violators as they see fit. This becomes the “new normal”, and divides the  populus into tiers, the ultimate goal being a very elite few at the top, and the rest essentially made slaves, (after culling of useless eaters).

The crisis has been partly successful, at least in America among the half of Americans who supposedly voted for Joe, and have taken the vaccine. Elsewhere in the world there are both nations with a lower rate of acceptance, and nations with a higher rate. Accomplishing anything on a global scale is a huge win for the globalists, though, one that  I think is lost on a lot of folks. This is a prime example of frog boiling. People are so emotional, whether scared, or angry, to recognize this man made pandemic was successfully sold to and bought by every nation on Earth.

This didn’t start with the Wuhan virus, though. It has been gradually taking shape for decades. Sometimes a generation catches on before it is too late, and succeeds in adequate pushback to stall, maybe even reverse a tiny bit of progress toward global tyranny. Sometimes a nation repents and God removes the blinders! America is hanging by a thread over the abyss. All over the world, people are rioting against the vax mandates. Riots on that scale over the vax are not happening, because we got Trump in, yet they successfully blocked a huge chunk of what he tried to accomplish, we re-elected him, so he could finish, but they cheated, so Americans are still in a  demoralized state, feeling like all the campaigning, voting, rallying, and peaceful protesting didn’t make a difference. It’s not because the globalists outnumber the people.  America is stumbling because, we have gotten so far off our foundation, and God has now let America go the way the majority want to go.

Now our house is on shifting sand, and high tide is coming.

Keep praying. Keep wearing the Armor. We are like Aaron and Hur, keeping Moses’ arms up. We know from the Bible’s pre-written history that the globalists will eventually prevail for a little while, but it doesn’t have to happen on our watch. The Marxists think they will be among the elites. Joe Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, the squad aren’t reckoning  a couple of things. They forget every villian movie ends when the top villian betrays his partners in crime, so as not to have to divide the spoils. Pelosi, Schumer, Biden et al, think they will get a significant share of the spoils. But above them in the food chain are Soros, the tech titans, the gazillionaires and others.  That upper echelon think they will all share in the spoils along with Satan. But above Satan is the omniscient, omnipotent, holy creator God who will reclaim all that is His, which is everything, by the way, and He will put it all under the rulership of Jesus Christ. And those lovers of mammon and lovers of evil, and lovers of power will face Him in judgment and be cast into outer darkness forever.

That’s their end. For the Bride, it is only just the beginning!

And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.  Romans 12: 11- 12


5 thoughts on “Evil has it’s day, but not for long

  1. The Lord most certainly does still speak to His people today. Everything must be tested against Scripture. A word or a dream or a vision cannot contradict God’s character and willas revealed in the Holy Word. That is not to say he does not still speak to even his American children about things specific to the individual or specific to the region. The Holy Spirit is given to those who belong to Christ and He is sent to us as a comforter but also to lead us to all truth and righteousness. Why are we indwelt with the Holy Spirit if God does not want to communicate with us through Him? Having said that, I agree some people want an experience so badly they think every thing that happens has some deep supernatural or spiritual origin or meaning. Yes, when you hear from God you know it is from Him, but sometimes the fasting and praying is for the purpose of understanding and wisdom and knowing what to do with that information. Others, like myself, are not necessarily unsure that the Lord has spoken so much as wanting to be cautious and make sure that it is not my own thinking. I am very aware I’ve had deceptive the enemy is and it is important to test the spirits. However,yes, God does still speak but He will never contradict himself. As far as others are concerned, anytime someone claims to have a dream or a prophecy of some kind, it must be tested against the Word and we should seek the Lord for confirmation or correction. I hope I explained myself properly. ❤️


    • Oh, I think you might have misunderstood my meaning somewhere in this, but re-reading the post, I can see how that might happen. I tend to switch tracks too fast without fully developing something I bring up when I’m doing one of the stream-of-consciousness posts on the fly.

      I didn’t say He doesn’t speak to individuals. I just don’t think, for instance, that He gives a message to a person who is supposed to deliver it to the masses, like in the Old Testament, and during the transition to the church age. He did it that back then because not all believers got the privilege of Holy Spirit communion back then. They had to approach God via the priest. The Holy Spirit was “with” King Saul, then “departed from King Saul”. He was with David, with the prophhets, etc., a special anointing for a specific purpose, which i definitely believe He still does anoint individuals for a new work or task, but today that seems to essentially entail granting a person a measure of stamina, Spiritual power, and boldness as opposed to special revelation of things that had previously remained hidden. All saved have the Holy Spirit, I agree. Which is precisely why God doesn’t need to go to “Bob” and tell him something so Bob can in turn tell “Jane”. (He might even tell a Christian something a lost person needs to know). There are a couple of exceptions. If Bob is married to Jane and Jane has grown lax, or has done something she shouldn’t, and hasn’t repented, or is harboring unforgiveness, any of those things would distance Jane from God in her walk, and God may address that in some way via her husband. Another exception is intercessors. Say a person is struggling or has a dire need of some sort, and she goes to a trusted praying friend and asks the friend specifically to pray for her regarding this issue or need, I think God will sometimes give that friend supernatural insight that the one requesting the prayer doesn’t currently have. I think that is specifically for informing the intercessor how best to pray for the person, and by virtue of the fact she is faithfully doing so, with an invested and sincere desire for God to intervene, God might reveal something. In other words, sometimes the Spirit gives insight, but not necessarily so you can pass it along, but rather to equip or prepare the intercessor.

      I think I failed to craft a transition between the stuff abiut seeking the experiential, ( signs and wonders) and the darker stuff I mentioned, as well. There are people in churches unknowingly being taught to participate in occult practices without realizing it is actually occult. I also agree about the fasting and praying for understanding, in fact, I think I said that when I mentioned Daniel and Elijah.(can’t check without losing this comment).

      I hope I cleared it up some. I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I’m probably not always clear when I am stating opinion vs claiming a fact. Even my best friends call me bossy, which us funny, because apparently I often exclaim something so pursuasively, ir authoritive-sounding (true actual) example: “you must absolutely read ” A Boy Called ” it”” and my friend thinks it’s an order, lol. Years later, in my encroaching senility, I again recommended it to her, and she said “I have already read that book” Me: “you have?” Friend: ” You MADE me read it several years ago!!!”.
      How did I make somebody that’s a grown-up, read a book? Lol
      Bossy runs in my family on the Ward side.


      • I was not offended ❤️ I’m glad we cleared things up though. And that is hilarious about the book. By the way, I’ve had a few people to recommend that book to me and I haven’t been able to bring myself to read it because I feel like I will be too emotional about it..


        • Well, the little boy grew up to be happy and well adjusted in spite of it all, if that helps any. But, yes, it was brutal. I think there are 3 or 4 more sequels he has written now. I have read them all, but I have been known to check out the same library book I read a month earlier, and actually get 3/4 of the way through it before it dawns on me. More than once, I have done that, lol. I am glad you weren’t offended. I should be more mindful of tone and maybe step away for a few minutes, then read what I wrote again before hitting the publish button. I don’t doubt your spiritual maturity and discernment bcs I read your blog. Won’t it be fun to meet in heaven? Can you imagine sitting with the Lord and having Him explain things like that to us? He’ll have us read a passage, and then ask us what we think it means, then He will settle the things that Christians see differently on. I tend to think that we may learn that most of us got some of it right, but none of us got all of it right.I also think Christian understandings of stuff are not as mutually exclusive as we may think, and a lot of it is that we define things differently. I look forward to the learning we will do up there whenever that will be.

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