You won’t believe what just happened

I went to my previous post, the one about the covid vax, to copy the link, and the video that I posted with that clear explanation, is gone.

In it’s place, is playing the scenes of Jesu’s flogging, and crucifixion from The Passion of the Christ, overlaid with an audio track of an old time preacher praying and people getting delivered from illness, depression, and many things.I have never even seen this video or sound track, so I didn’t accidentally post the wrong thing! I first thought maybe the internet overlords had pulled the vax video, but that wouldn’t explain something in its place. The video has no title, no url. I am speechless!

Supernatural? Censorship? I don’t know! More urgent message than the covud stuff, yeah definitely! Regardless your opinion of Mel Gibson’s ” The Passion”, it does a very realistic depiction of what Jesus went through. The video I had up was about the vaccines, a simple illustration video of how it effects your natural immune system. The video I posted, is now included at the bottom of this post. So it is still there on Bitchute!  Jesus is coming soon!

3 thoughts on “You won’t believe what just happened

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