Fight not as one who beats the air

We should have realized during the “Trump impeachments” what this “government” is truly made of. We knew there was corruption, and all sorts of personal enrichment going on, through secret deals and promises made to our enemies. But when they carried out the impeachment shams unhindered, they knew there wasn’t anything that was going to prevent the takeover they planned and fully intended to carry out.

I have to keep reminding myself that God has allowed all of this. He has drawn back the shield that once covered America, and the nation is consuming itself from within.

There is no way I will believe the election in California was legitimate. The rigging of every election is now a given certainty. Midterms aren’t going to turn any tides. For every court battle where righteous rulings prevail, there is an appelite court with an activist judge on the bench that will overturn the previous ruling.

This is not defeatist rhetoric. It is merely the facts. Surely there comes a point somewhere along the way, wherein to continue to plead on behalf of America is to challenge God’s obvious verdict.

It is hard to wrap my brain around the fact that there are still people who think there is a comeback to be made.

For those who get it, the comprehension of where things really stand, makes it hard to even converse with those who aren’t willing to see. All they want to believe is that life will go on as it previously did. In a conversation with someone that refuses to accept that America is literally collapsing, and they continue to invest everything in a future that isn’t going to come, what can be said? I can’t pretend to believe that the things they hope for are likely to come to pass. At the same time, when it has been made clear that any talk of the transition that is literally in progress, will not be appreciated nor tolerated, there is no basis really left, for having discourse about much if anything.

For a few years now, it seems like communication is becoming a minefield. You can hardly afford to assume that what you say will be what is heard. Is anybody else experiencing that?

The temptation to just go silent is pretty powerful sometimes. For all our circumspection and diligence, there still is always more beyond the light we have, that we don’t see. I have lived long enough to be glad of that. We can always look back and point to the things we didn’t see, and would have done differently if we had. It would be even worse to know what we will face, and to still fail to mitigate against it. Because we would still fail. Things like difficult people, who just seem to always know where your last nerve is, and stomp on it at every opportunity. The people who get to you, and everything you feel when they do, and all your thoughts toward them, are tainted and distorted by anger or resentmrment, and for a time turn you into a person you don’t like, and you have to wrestle with your own flesh, get that genie back into the bottle, and that cork of self restraint back in place.

Desiring to live a life that will count in the coming Kingdom, doesn’t make the doing so an easy task. It’s hard to look beyond the here and now, and project forward to an eternal future we can’t even imagine. This life is all we know. It can take an entire lifetime for some folks to realize that reaching your highest worldly goal, will not satisfy. By then, your life is spent.

You can figure out early, that fulfillment is not obtainable in the physical, and still not figure out where it can be found.

But scripture says we know. It tells us that creation bears witness so all mankind is without excuse.  So why does not everyone desire God’s way?

At the risk of oversimplifying, it is for the same reason that we don’t allow our kids to have a sugary drink ten minutes before dinner is served. Their appetite will be ruined. The fallen world has so much to sample.

Sugar has a similar effect on the body as opiods, in that the more sugar you ingest, the more sugar you will crave. As Americans, our spiritual “diet” has suffered the same fate as our physical diet.  Genetic modification, man tinkering with God’s design. Pollutants in the air and soil, pagan practices infiltrating the church. God has never accepted hybrids. He is the epitome of the concept of “all or nothing”.

I think I was in my mid to late thirties before I even understood that our entire existance is meant to be about Christ, not a part of who we are, but what we are entirely “about”. I have been trying to get there ever since, but I constantly get in my own way.

I am not sure we are even getting near that place until we are encountering pushback. We expect it to come from unbelievers, but it is when there is pushback from someone you have shared a pew with, that you can think perhaps you have managed to progress along a step or two on the narrow way, but don’t get proud about it. In fact, just expect that you’ll lose ground, but as long as you don’t give up, as long as you remain in the fight and keep pressing on, you haven’t lost. Like the little blue tang fish in “Finding Nemo”,  we forget who we are, and what we are looking for, and where we are going. But also like her, we gotta “just keep swimming”.

There are times in life that are all about building. There are times to celebrate, times to fight, times to rest, and there are times to admit our utter powerlessness, and simply hang on, refusing to be pulled under, so that you might live to fight another day. He is our strength in times of trouble.The steps of a righteous man are ordered of God and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord upholdeth him with His hand.

Thank goodness it is not up to me! I stand, I fight. It may feel like I am only beating the air, but if every Christian does the same, well, maybe we contribute a little bit to the whirlwind which the evildoers are about to reap. It is a mystery, how God accomplishes His will in and through us.

I clearly remember telling my kids that there are times that I won’t be able to stop and explain all of the “why’s”, and it will be important for them to just trust me and obey what I say. More times than not, walking with Christ in His plan and will, is the same way. He doesn’t expect more from us than we are capable of, but we often expect that of ourselves. Those are maybe the best times for us to remember we are, to God, but children. Can you, as an adult with responsibilities, not look back and possibly long to return to the time when you were the kid, and all the responsibility was on someone else’s shoulders?

Even in our position of bride, there is One with headship over us. We are covered. What a relief. A relief for dads, moms, single parents, CEO’s, pastors who watch over the souls of their flocks. Pastors on the front lines of the watchman ministry, who daily carry concern and responsibility to help us keep perspective through this perilous season, to safety on that other shore.

I don’t know how unbelievers face life without Christ.

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

On Christ the solid rock I stand. All other ground is sinking sand, and if that were all that I knew, it would be enough.




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