I am enjoying seeing some good prevailing over evil in recent days. The nurse whistleblowers, congressional prayer meetings, the turnaround on Iron Dome funding, and I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t mind seeing AOC cry over that turnaround. She needs Jesus. Pray for the Christians in congress who could give her the gospel.

I don’t believe the poll I read about earlier in the week that indicated Mike Pence had a significant lead over Ron DeSantis for the 2024 presidential race. He has already proven he is on “team globalist”, but that being the case, we may as well just expect that he will be proclaimed the forerunner. I never trusted him. I would love to be proven wrong, but I think he was probably one of Trump’s chief adversaries from day one.

It seems like the discoveries in Israel of significance in supporting truth of the scriptures, are happening more and more often. This too is encouraging. Truth sets people free. You can go to where sodom was destroyed and find chunks of brimstone even now. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear, will know.

More people are catching on to the truth about the virus and the vaccines.

In Tennessee, an out of state group made a complaint about post-football game prayer, which prompted the school to forbid teachers or parents from leading these post-game prayer sessions. But the students stepped up, and asserted their right to pray anyway.

A beautiful sight. Imagine the impact we could have if we really prayed with this kind of committment and determination, and believed God for our prayer to change something, move something, prevent something, make some difference!

If you guys haven’t been watching what is happening in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, you are missing out on the sneak preview of what the globalist overlords want to happen in America.  The citizens gave up about 600,000 of their guns in 2006, but many if not all of those have been replaced by now. The laws still stand, but if people continue to be pushed and controlled, they will be deemed “on the wrong side of the law” anyway, so at some point, those guns still in the hands of citizens could be put to use. Tensions and clashes are building every day in many parts of Australia, just as they are here. It is happening everywhere.

Alas, the uproar of many peoples
Who roar like the roaring of the seas,–Isaiah 17:12

Here in America there are as many guns as there are citizens. Not all citizens have them, but in America the ones who own a gun, often own multiple guns. An Australian-style compulsory “buyback” (confiscation) in America would bring bloodshed. Armed men (and women) going to the homes of other armed men ( and women) with the intent to confiscate their weapons would be greeted by armed citizens with their own weapons locked and loaded.

It seems that praying people are praying more. Unbelievers are becoming believers. That’s good! One day soon, there will be someone who becomes a believer, who will be the last one saved during the church age, and then we’ll fly!

But meanwhile….

there was another mass shooting this week in America, and another tragic instance of a too-busy, too-distracted parent leaving not one, but twin 20-month old babies in a hot car all day, resulting in their death.

The tug of war between good and evil continues. But not forever. All of the confusion, corruption, violence and death will be put to a stop. God is going to intervene personally and publicly and when He does not one person in this world will have any doubt that The Almighty God is intervening. Many will remain prideful and rebellious, but God laughs. He knows their day is coming.

It seems impossible that there are still those who don’t even realize something huge and global is happening. Apparently it will take some pretty awful happenings to get through to them, because what the Bible says is coming, is horrible beyond description and far worse in scope and magnitude than anything in the history of humanity. What looks like tug of war, is really just God giving the devil enough leash to “hang himself”. If you aren’t saved, you are on the losing team, my friend. Call upon the Lord and receive the redemption offered to you by the death of Christ on the cross in your place! Death is the cost of sin. If you won’t receive His gift of dying for you, then you still have an eternal death coming, because you have no acceptable “currency” with which to satisfy your own penalty. Jesus paid a debt He didn’t owe, and you owe a debt you cannot pay. You’re going to decline an offer like that out of pride? Out of love for your sin?

The fool saith in his heart, “there is no God”. There is, and you will answer to Him. He will judge you according to His own standard. If you are feeling a tug of war in your own heart as you read this, that is God dialing your number. He may never call again. Life as you have known it is already over. Look around.

Play nice!

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